Partners and Integrations

At the heart of who we are and what we do are partnerships. We are very proud of our 2,000+ district and charter organization partnerships across the U.S., and the educators, students, and parents whom we serve. We work hard with our Premier Partners and Partners to provide powerful, unique solutions to K-12 Districts. In addition to our partners, we are also committed to integrating Illuminate with systems and content that are vital to our customers, especially via open K-12 standards and API's. We endeavor to invest in partnerships and technologies that will help your team succeed, and ultimately, improve student achievement.

Premier Partners





Capabilities: Gradebook Rostering

Users of the Aeries SIS can send their SIS data to Illuminate for both rostering and data import. Using an easy to use custom extract tool, data is automatically pulled nighty into Illuminate and available for teachers and admins daily. In addition, users can push assessment grades directly to the Aeries gradebook.


Capabilities: Curriculum Assessments

Current clients of Amplify Science can access and administer end of unit assessments via Illuminate DnA and student online testing portal.



Capabilities: Gradebook 

Users of canvas can log directly into Illuminate without having to re-enter their credentials. Using LTI standards, users can push assessment grades directly to the Canvas gradebook.



Capabilities: Calculators

Illuminate integrates industry-recognized calculators from Desmos for enriching student online testing



Capabilities: Gradebook

Users can push assessment grades directly to the Q gradebook.



Capabilities: Locked Browser

Illuminate integrates industry-recognized Locked Browser technology from Respondus to support secure student online testing for Chromebooks, iOS, laptop and desktop devices.



Capabilities: Gradebook

Users can push assessment grades directly to the SchoolLoop gradebook.



Capabilities: Gradebook

Users can push assessment grades directly to the Synergy gradebook.

Industry Open-Standards and API's


Illuminate API
Here at Illuminate, we believe that your data is your data, and we make it easy for any system you wish to obtain it. Illuminate's robust API allows third-parties to easily read from a plethora of data sources.


LTI 1.1 Certified
Illuminate is officially LTI 1.0, LTI 1.1, and LTI Outcomes Service Certified with IMS Global, a non-profit consortium defining open standards for educational technology. This allows Illuminate to safely connect with 3rd party education applications and perform tasks such as passing tests and scores to a gradebook and/or portal.




Many of our assessment and itembank partners use QTI, or Question and Test Interoperability, as a standard for importing test questions into Illuminate DnA. We fully support multiple itembank and assessment content organizations.

Illuminate API Consumers

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