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Back-to-School 2020 Toolkit

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Create a flexible, data-driven plan for supporting students’ academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) needs—whether in a remote, onsite, or blended environment. This toolkit provides spring, summer, and fall action steps with supporting resources to help your team each step of the way.



Discover specific action steps along with aligned resources to support your team.



Prevent Learning Loss & Accelerate Growth for All Students: A Whole Child Approach

The webinar unpacks the spring, summer, and fall action steps for ensuring students’ academic and SEB success. Use the toolkit above to help your team complete them!



Accelerate Learning
for All Students


Visualize how a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) and comprehensive assessment system provide structures that are flexible around uncertainty and help us accelerate student success–regardless of the environment.

Prevent Learning Loss with Remote Learners


See how a comprehensive assessment system provides the tools needed to keep both remote and onsite learners on track with both standards and skills.

What is MTSS?


Unpack the components of an MTSS framework and how each component can help you support students' social-emotional behavioral (SEB) and academic needs throughout the pandemic.


Professional Development Mini-Sessions

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Accelerate Learning for All Students with Illuminate

Discover how the Illuminate Solution equips educators to accelerate learning and support the academic and social-emotional behavioral needs of each and every student.