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Back-to-School 2021
Toolkit & Resource Page

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Create a data-driven plan for meeting students' academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) needs, addressing unfinished learning, and moving new learning forward throughout the coming year.


Back-to-School 2021 Toolkit

This toolkit provides specific spring, summer, and fall action steps with aligned resources to help your team each step of the way.


Back-to-School 2021 Interactive Templates

Download interactive versions of the templates used throughout the toolkit—including worksheets, checklists, communication plans, and more—so they're easy for your team to grab and use!


More Back-to-School Resources: How to Accelerate Growth

Explore how to leverage two high-impact structures—a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) and comprehensive assessment system—to maximize data-driven instruction and intervention decisions, ensure all students can catch up and grow throughout the year, and provide much-needed relief to teachers through strategic, system-level supports.


Professional Development Mini-Sessions

The Key to Accelerating Learning: Assessing Both Standards & Skills

Intro to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Mental Health, and Trauma

How a Positive Emotional Climate Impacts Student Learning

Key Ingredients for Effective Tier 1 Practices

Evaluating Overall Intervention Program Effectiveness

Maximizing the Formative Process

The Difference Between Monitoring Progress and Progress Monitoring

Using Social-Emotional Behavior Screening Data to Plan Interventions at the Individual, Class, and School Levels

How to Create Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) & School Climate Dashboards to Support Student Growth

Policy to Practice: How to Ensure Short-Term Relief Funding Yields a Long-Term Impact on Student Growth

All About Tier 1 Interventions

What is Social Emotional Behavior (SEB)?

How to Curb Cheating on Remote Assessments

A Plan for Balanced Assessment: Setting a Precedent in an Unprecedented Time

Diagnostic Assessment & the Importance of Alignment

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Accelerate Learning for All Students with Illuminate

The Illuminate Solution equips educators to accelerate learning and support the academic and SEB needs of each and every student. Learn more in this short video.