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Getting to Know Us

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May 20th, 2016

Here at Illuminate Education we’re always trying to keep things fun and relaxed. In fact, we believe in it so much it’s in our about us section of our website! Keeping our own beliefs in mind, we set out to create a video that could accurately explain what we do at Illuminate Education in a way that’s fun, functional, and, most importantly, educational.

As anyone could imagine this wasn’t easy and it took us a little while to finally figure it out, but with the help of lots of Illuminators (what we call ourselves), we were able to come up with something that we are extremely proud of. The video is meant to give customers, educators, students, parents, and anyone interested a way of seeing how we view our product and help them understand exactly what we do.

What makes Illuminate Education so great (besides our amazing products) is that Illuminators from different teams were willing to join in and help make this video the best it could be. This video is another way we live out our values by constantly having a team of people willing to collaborate no matter what. So after many iterations, edits, and meetings we decided on the final version of the Illuminate Education Overview video. Take a look and let us know what you think:


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