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Illuminator Spotlight: The Golden Valley Charter School Team

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February 14th, 2017

Meet the ladies from Golden Valley Charter School Team: Becky Schwartz, Student Services Manager & Illuminate Administrator; Stephanie Lorenz, Assessment Coordinator and Education Support Specialist; Jennifer Hoover, Assessment Coordinator & Educational Support Specialist. We asked them a few questions to learn about what’s happening in Sacramento, CA.

What are your roles in your district and your responsibilities as they pertain to Illuminate?

We belong to the Assessment Team at Golden Valley Charter Schools that is responsible for developing and implementing the district benchmark assessments.

What led you to teaching and education?

For each of us it was a love of working with children and a desire to reach all students that led us to pursue degrees in education.

Tell us about your Illuminate Data and Assessment implementation. (Feel free to share your successes, challenges, and lessons learned.)

We have been pioneers bringing standardized assessment to Golden Valley. Our school’s pedagogy is one that typically discourages computer use with our students. We have been able to implement assessments, both paper-pencil and online, in a way that aligns with our pedagogy. Our teachers are now using the benchmark data to help drive instruction in the classroom.

What is your favorite Illuminate feature?

Live Proctoring & Reports! In addition, we love the freedom Illuminate allows us to design our own assessments which support our pedagogy.

How has Illuminate helped your teachers in their work with supporting students?

It has been revolutionary with helping teachers create goals and monitor progress. Additionally, our teachers are now reflecting upon the student’s assessment data to help plan and inform their instruction in the classroom.


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