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v9.10 Release Highlights

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September 28th, 2017

It’s release time again! We’ve rounded up a few highlights below. If you want to get all the details, check out our full release notes.

What’s New

  • OMG! Skills Assessments allows for images! You read that right, you can upload pictures, figures, artwork, etc. Learn more here.
  • Can you speak a little slower, please? Our Text-to-Speech feature in Online Testing can! Students can adjust the speed when using this feature. And since we have support for Spanish, items can be read in Spanish too.
  • Lost in translation no more: ISI folks, you can now apply custom translations in Spanish to custom forms. You can use your own translations or use Google Translate available in the tool.

What’s Improved

  • LightingGrader: released new camera grader which increases speed and resolution.
  • Power to the Portal: ISI – major enhancements to our Online Course Requests feature in the student portal – it looks great, it’s responsive, and it’s easy to use!

    Online Course Requests
  • Game Changer Alert for Business Intelligence Tool (BIT) users – you can now have custom input controls, AND keep the default student scope selector, interactive charts, and have multi-select input controls. For example, you can now create a single report and switch between, subject, year, assessment within the same report.

    Monthly Attendance Rate Report - BI Tool

    Find out more about our BI Tool and reporting service and check out some innovative reports created by BI Tool users.

Next release scheduled 11/2/17 pending development timelines. Check our release notes for rolling release items (enhancements, new features and fixes in between official release dates).

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Learning Opportunities and Events

Did you know we offer a ton of free webinars on using Illuminate tools and on general education topics? We also have a growing list of in-person workshops and regional meetings. And don’t forget about our annual conferences and upcoming Equity Symposium. Hope to see you at our events!

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