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Close Learning Gaps by Applying the Science of Reading

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December 15th, 2020

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As a social justice issue, reading must be addressed with assessment and evidence-based reading instruction.

Reading is fundamental to success in every other subject area, and to achieving success outside of school. Yet far too many students do not receive the evidence-based tier 1 instruction or interventions they need to become strong readers. This lack of instruction grounded in the science of reading disproportionality affects historically marginalized students. But it doesn’t have to.

In this playbook, reading experts share how assessments and differentiated support that target the five core reading skills ensure all students—including English learners (ELs) and students with word-reading difficulties such as dyslexia—become successful readers.

You’ll find expert advice on:

  • Reading and equity
  • Choosing valid assessments
  • Supporting ELs with the science of reading
  • Understanding and implement evidence-based reading instruction
  • And more!

Download the full playbook here.


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