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September 30th, 2021

As the school year unfolds, districts are relying on their high-quality assessment tools and multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) to better understand where students are and how to help each learner move forward--equitably and efficiently. 

We put together a round-up of free eBooks to help you and your team leverage whole child data in your assessment systems and MTSS structures to drive supports for students, schools, and systems. If you don’t have the time to dig in now, bookmark this page for later or share with your team. You can also find more free resources in our Resource Library.

Free eBooks About MTSS

MTSS Essentials: Data-Informed Decisions to Support Each Student

An introduction to the MTSS framework, daily best practices, and how data-informed implementations provide whole child support to each student.

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MTSS Interventions: Increasing Effectiveness at Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3

What’s working, what’s not? It can be difficult to determine whether Tier 1 intensifications and Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions are helping students catch up and if overall programs are effective and equitable. This eBook helps your team evaluate effectiveness at the student, intervention, and program levels to help retain and amplify effective strategies and discontinue ineffective ones to save dollars and PD hours.

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Free eBooks About Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB)

Data-Driven Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB) Interventions: Effective, Learner-Centered Supports at Each Tier

Learn how to use data to identify and support the Tier 1 SEB needs of all students and align effective, targeted Tier 2 and 3 SEB interventions for students most in need

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Get the Whole Picture: Using Social, Emotional and Behavioral Assessments to Support Student Success

Get a better understanding of the role of social-emotional behavior (SEB) assessments within MTSS and how SEB data can be used to provide more targeted and effective supports.

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Free eBooks About Assessments

A Complete Guide to Comprehensive Assessment Systems

This eBook will help you understand the components of an effective comprehensive assessment system. It will also outline the steps to creating or evaluating a well-rounded, efficient, cost-effective system of assessments that can support data driven decision making and enhance student outcomes at all levels.

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Universal Screening 101

Universal screening helps educators use data to both identify students who are at risk and bolster Tier 1 supports around the new needs of all learners, whether in academics or SEB. Explore the purposes and uses of universal screening for academics and SEB, how to use screening data throughout the year, and how universal screening fits into a comprehensive assessment system within a data-driven MTSS.

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Progress Monitoring 101

Discover all the information you need to get started with progress monitoring, including information about its origins, purposes, assessments, procedures, and perhaps most importantly, how to interpret progress data.

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Free eBooks About Data Cultures & Whole Child Data

Creating Data Teams That Accelerate Learning

Discover how to focus your data culture around assessment and data literacy in order to equitably accelerate learning. Download sample exercises to help your team increase assessment literacy around your current assessment tools, plus norms for teams and for leaders and logistics for setting up for success. 

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Data Dashboard Workbook

Outline your key goals for 2021-22, pick the data most important to monitor, and create a well-designed dashboard that answers critical questions at a glance and unlocks data-driven decisions for students, schools, and systems.

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The Essential Guide to Assessment Design and Item Creation

Explore your locally developed and common assessments from a whole new perspective. Unpack assessment and item design to better understand what your assessments measure and therefore increase how much information they provide your PLC or data team.

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The Whole Child

Schools and districts are increasing their focus on data-driven, whole child supports. However, it can be confusing to determine which key data make up the “whole child data picture,” and how to make sense of those data points together. Explore introductory information around using whole child data to inform targeted student supports. 

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Illuminate Education equips educators to take a data-driven approach to serving the whole child. Our solution combines comprehensive assessment, MTSS management and collaboration, and real-time dashboard tools, and puts them in the hands of educators. As a result, educators can monitor learning and growth, identify academic and social-emotional behavioral needs, and align targeted supports in order to accelerate learning for each student. 

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