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Sneak Peek: Release 11.0 Coming June 29th

We are excited for our 11.0 summer release coming June 29, 2018. We can’t spill “all” the beans just yet, but here are some hints and sneak peeks at new and updated features you can expect in 11.0! Updated login page (Yay!)   We’ve enhanced and improved the design and navigation of Illuminate 11.0. It’s…

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v9.10 Release Highlights

It’s release time again! We’ve rounded up a few highlights below. If you want to get all the details, check out our full release notes. What’s New OMG! Skills Assessments allows for images! You read that right, you can upload pictures, figures, artwork, etc. Learn more here. Can you speak a little slower, please? Our Text-to-Speech feature in…

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