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v9.10 Release Highlights

It’s release time again! We’ve rounded up a few highlights below. If you want to get all the details, check out our full release notes. What’s New OMG! Skills Assessments allows for images! You read that right, you can upload pictures, figures, artwork, etc. Learn more here. Can you speak a little slower, please? Our Text-to-Speech feature in…

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9 Steps to an Effective Common Assessment Framework

Where do I even begin? If you’ve been tasked with establishing a system of common student assessments within your school or district, it’s a question that’s likely racing through your mind. It’s difficult enough to get 10 people to cooperate on a shared goal, much less several hundred or more. Yet, as a district assessment…

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v8.3 Release

It’s release time again! Read our full release notes to get the scoop. Highlights: Grading Constructed Response – NEW options for viewing student constructed responses, accessing the original question, rubric, and the ability to provide student feedback have been released.  In the future, look for even more enhancements to this area and more functionality within the…

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v8.2 Release

Happy Friday! Last night, we released new features and updates! Read about them in our Release Notes. Check out two highly requested features below: Hybrid Assessments – have arrived based on Teacher feedback requesting better, faster, easier ways to make teacher-created assessments in Illuminate that can be given online.  Now we can upload a PDF, PPT, or Word document as a…

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3 Strategies To Integrate Technology, Increase Student Engagement, & Impact Overall Student Achievement

As school districts across the country invest heavily in technology, it is important to leverage research-based best practices. Many districts/schools are embarking on similar quests to integrate technology into classrooms and engage students, yet little collaboration takes place across districts/schools to share what works and what does not. One aspect of providing solutions to districts/schools…

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