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Top 5 Inspirational Teaching Videos

We know there are so many awesome teachers making a difference in the lives of students every day.  We love to hear about those amazing individuals. Here’s a few inspirational Ted Talks by teachers that our staff picked. (Links and descriptions  below taken from the Ted site) Please feel free to leave a comment below with links to other videos or share a story…

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v8.2 Release

Happy Friday! Last night, we released new features and updates! Read about them in our Release Notes. Check out two highly requested features below: Hybrid Assessments – have arrived based on Teacher feedback requesting better, faster, easier ways to make teacher-created assessments in Illuminate that can be given online.  Now we can upload a PDF, PPT, or Word document as a…

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3 Strategies To Integrate Technology, Increase Student Engagement, & Impact Overall Student Achievement

As school districts across the country invest heavily in technology, it is important to leverage research-based best practices. Many districts/schools are embarking on similar quests to integrate technology into classrooms and engage students, yet little collaboration takes place across districts/schools to share what works and what does not. One aspect of providing solutions to districts/schools…

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