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How to Use Google for Education with Illuminate for Remote Learning

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April 10th, 2020

As districts move to a 100% remote learning environment, many are using various Google tools to connect with students and continue learning. As a Google for Education Premier Partner, Illuminate offers a number of integrations to make this work easier. 

If you’re using Illuminate DnA, eduCLIMBER, or SchoolCity, here’s your cheat sheet of features to check out and start using today.


Illuminate Data & Assessment (DnA)

Assessments & Google Classroom

Teachers can use Google Classroom to facilitate a student’s learning activities in one location. While students are completing activities, an online assessment from DnA can be initiated within Google Classroom. As scores auto-populate in Classroom, powerful action-driving reports are generated within DnA, making it easier to determine the best next step to take based on your class and individual student data.

Flexible Assessments & Google Drive

Flexible Assessments not only provides the option to host a variety of online question types, but it also allows you to upload a test created from Google Docs. This test can appear as an online assessment, paired on the screen with the answer sheet you’ve created (without any copy-and-pasting). When creating the Flexible Assessment, simply click the Google Drive icon when choosing to “upload materials.”

To learn more, visit our support doc.

Illuminate eduCLIMBER

Action Items & Google Calendar

Here, you can create Action Items in a Meeting and have it integrated seamlessly with Google Calendar. When you create an event or task in eduCLIMBER, the dates from those events automatically sync into your Google Calendar. This incorporates all date-driven events in the same location used for all other events of the user.

Dashboard Visualizations & Google Sheets

Data visualization is useful for understanding data trends. When creating a visualization in Achievement Dashboard, many data points are already stored in Google Sheets. For those Google Sheets that have summary and no student identifiable information, they can be loaded into Achievement Dashboard. Many districts use Google Forms as a survey tool and can maximize this integration when responses are automatically aggregated and visualized in Achievement Dashboard from the Responses Google Sheet. 

To learn more, visit our support doc.

Illuminate SchoolCity

Assessments & Google Classroom

Teachers can use Google Classroom to facilitate a student’s learning activities in one location. While students are completing activities, an online assessment from SchoolCity can be initiated within Google Classroom. This helps to keep the student engaged and on track with all the tasks that they are to complete listed in one location. 

Personalized Review Assignments & Google Suite

With Illuminate’s Personalized Review Assignments (PRA), assessment authors can specify review and “challenge” activities for each covered learning standard in the final stage of assessment setup. As students complete the assessment, they are automatically given a personalized set of assignments tailored to their pattern of assessment results across standards. When creating the review assignments for students to complete, you can incorporate your online artifacts right into the assignment via the Google integration. This can include links to appropriate videos or any document in your Google Drive district account. 

To learn more, visit our support doc.

All Platforms

Single Sign On (SSO)

Logging into any platform is easier when you have fewer passwords to remember. Single Sign On using your district’s Google account makes this a reality. Contact your district technology team to request they set this feature up, or learn more in our support docs.


Our Google integrations have enabled remote learning to be more collaborative and efficient than ever before. We hope these tips will help you maintain effective instruction as you’re adapting to your remote settings.


Looking for more resources around supporting remote learners? Check out our Remote Learning Community Page for free resources for your team, including webinars, professional learning activities, articles, product tips, and more.


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