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IEUC Midwest 2018 - Pre Conference Sessions

Full Day Session: Aggregate and Visualize Your Data

Location: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Session Leads: Franck Reyherme and Christine Olah

Maximum 40 participants

Full Day: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Start Time: 9:00am
End Time: 4:00pm
Lunch will be provided

Cost: $150

Registration is limited to up to 4 participants per district.

Illuminate’s Business Intelligence (BI) Tool gives you the power to visualize your data and create advanced custom reports with complex logic and powerful calculations. The BI Tool is an advanced reporting tool that requires strong technical skills; some of the more advanced functionality (e.g., custom input controls) require SQL, but the vast majority of reports created with the BI Tool are created without any SQL. Learning the BI Tool will open up almost limitless possibilities for reporting in Illuminate, with the ability to create custom pre-built reports that end-users can generate and filter with the click of a button. By the end of the session, attendees will use the Illuminate BI Tool to create and share visually rich reports with district users directly in Illuminate using live data.

Prerequisites for the BI Tool

  • Must have district-wide access to your Illuminate Site
  • Must have experience creating custom reports in Illuminate (i.e., how to use grouping, filters, calculations, etc. in Illuminate custom reporting)
  • Must be comfortable writing formulas in Excel (or any other spreadsheet/database software)
  • Must be willing and able to dedicate time to learning the tool and building reports
  • Must complete the small tasks that will be emailed to registrants the week before the session

Half Day PM Session: Leading Your Site - Data Coaching to Drive Learning Outcomes

Location: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Session Leads: Katie Sellstrom, Natalie Howell, Kate Pechacek

Maximum 50 participants

Afternoon Half-Day
Start Time: 1:00pm
End Time: 4:00pm
Lunch will be provided

Cost: $75

Audience: Site and District leaders, PLC Leaders, Data and/or Content Coaches

Get hands-on practice analyzing assessment data from interims and formatives to drive learning outcomes and target instructional adjustments. Engage in guided assessment report analysis with demo data (or your own) and review data scenarios to practice coaching conversations.

Prerequisites for the BI Tool

  • Watch Illuminate U! Assessment Reports Videos here:
    • U330 Assessment Reports for Teachers
    • U335 Assessment Reports for Site Administrators
    • U345 Assessment Performance Reports for Trends and Growth

Half Day AM Session: Custom Reports

Location: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Session Leads: Natalie Howell and Rick France

Maximum 50 participants

Morning Half-Day
Start Time: 9:00am
End Time: 12:00pm
Lunch will be provided

Cost: $75

Illuminators that are responsible for basic reporting in Illuminate. If you are a savvy administrator or instructional coach responsible for reporting data, this session is for you! If you are interested in generating some deliverables, this session is for you!

This session is designed to take you from 0-60 when it comes to custom reporting. Whether you are a new client or one that really wants to “pop the hood” on how Illuminate is arranged, this session is for you. We will give you tools that will allow you to find the data you need, create templates for later use, and generate some cool deliverables based on the information you are trying to communicate.

NOTE: If you would like to create summary assessments of data that you do not currently house in the Illuminate system, you will need a spreadsheet with the data tied to a student ID in order to import.

You need to have a stable nightly data import and a good idea of which data sets live in your system. Examples include: MSTEP, MAP, DIBELS, F&P

Data can be imported into Illuminate one of the following ways:

  1. State/Known Data Imports (e.g., PSAT/SAT, MSTEP, NWEA)
  2. Automation (e.g., attendance, transcripts, programs)
  3. Spreadsheet data containing either state or local student IDs (e.g., Summary Assessment)