On-Demand Webinar: Ensuring Success for Students with Dyslexia: Identification and Intervention

Laws that ensure screening and early identification of dyslexia are a good first step for helping students become strong readers, but what happens next? All educators, not just special education teachers, have a role in providing instruction to support reading success for all students. 

In this on-demand webinar Drs. Rachel Brown and Laura Boynton Hauerwas will discuss:

  • Dyslexia as a specific learning disability (SLD)
  • Comprehensive assessment practices to identify students with dyslexia, including signs to look for in reading performance and assessment data
  • How educators can participate in school-based identification of dyslexia as an SLD using reliable measurement tools 
  • Using instructional practices based on the science of reading, including structured literacy, to teach students with dyslexia

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to supporting students with reading challenges. This webinar will provide practical advice and insight so you can help all students become strong readers.

About Our Presenters:


Dr. Laura Boynton Hauerwas, Professor, Providence College

Dr. Laura Boynton Hauerwas is a Professor of Elementary/Special Education at Providence College. She completed her professional training at Northwestern University, Learning Disabilities Program, with a doctorate in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her research focuses on language and learning, particularly for multilingual students and those with reading/spelling disabilities. She is one of the co-authors on the RI RTI-Specific Learning Disability guidance (2010) and published several research papers on Specific Learning Disability policies. She has provided leadership on Rhode Island Learning Disabilities task forces for the past fifteen years as well professional development related to multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). Additionally, she researches teacher preparation for culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms with a focus on international teaching experiences and critical global learning pedagogy.


Dr. Rachel Brown, Professor, Emerita University of Southern Maine, Senior Research Associate, Illuminate Education

Dr. Rachel Brown began her career as a middle school social studies teacher. She quickly learned that many of her students could not read well enough to understand assigned texts. This led Dr. Brown to earn certification as a special educator. Having learned that special education was not the answer to all students’ learning challenges, she earned her Ph.D. in school psychology and special education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2000. She was a faculty member in educational and school psychology at the University of Southern Maine for 16 years and then joined FastBridge Learning where she currently serves as a Senior Research Associate. Dr. Brown now teaches in the special education department at the University of Southern Maine. Her research focuses on effective reading instruction and assessment within an MTSS.

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