Screen Students’ Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB) Functioning

FastBridge SEB Measures

FastBridge recognizes the symbiotic relationship between SEB functioning and student achievement.

Included in FastBridge are Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) and Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) for universal screening and progress monitoring across reading, math, and SEB. The three SEB screeners included in FastBridge—SAEBRS, mySAEBERS, and DevMilestones—are all designed to be:


Evidence-Based: All FastBridge SEB assessments are founded upon multiple studies suggestive of their psychometric defensibility.


Efficient: Every FastBridge SEB assessment can be administered and completed quickly.


Flexible: Choose from a wide range of SEB targets within the domains of social, academic, and emotional behavior. Behaviors also can be rated with regard to frequency and intensity.


Innovative: FastBridge’s SEB suite delivers an integrated assessment system, and results suggest multiple domains within which a student is experiencing concerns.

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