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Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB) Resources

Get resources to build your knowledge around the connection between SEB functioning and academic success, and learn strategies for strengthening students’ SEB skills across all tiers of your Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS).

Interactive Tool

Recognizing Social-Emotional Competencies Students Need to Thrive

CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) has identified five areas of social-emotional competence that support student learning and development. Discover specific attributes and behaviors students may display for each competency.


Leveraging Social-Emotional Behavior Data to Plan for Next Year

Learn how to use this year’s SEB data as a planning tool to inform your budget and programming decisions, build on student strengths, and address student needs effectively in 2021-22.


Striking the Right Balance with Social-Emotional Supports

Should you focus on supporting students' social-emotional skills or behavior to help them thrive in the classroom? The answer lies somewhere in the middle.


Using Social, Emotional, and Behavior Assessments to Support Student Success

Get insight into using SEB screening alongside academic assessment within MTSS to pinpoint whether students need academic or SEB interventions—or both—to support their success.


Improve SEL Assessment with Social-Emotional Assessment

This guide will help you select an SEB screener that will provide insight into school-wide and individual student SEL outcomes and inform continuous program improvement.


Your Guide to Choosing the Right SEB Screener

Ensure you’re selecting the right SEB screener to deliver the data you need using these 11 critical criteria.


Beyond Academic Screening

Understanding students' SEB functioning is critical to supporting academic growth. Learn how to select the most reliable measures for SEB assessment and integrate them into your MTSS framework.


Using SEB Assessments to Support MTSS

Learn how SEB assessment can help educators plan more effective, targeted interventions that nurture the whole child. Plus, get a first-hand account from a district that is doing just that.


SEB Before ABCs

Read actionable, expert advice for supporting students' SEB needs to get them in the best mindset to learn.

Webinar Series

Restart Learning with SEB Supports and Strategies

In this two-part webinar series, examine the need for Tier 1 SEB supports and review specific strategies for implementing them in classrooms.

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Illuminate SEB Assessments


The Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS) identifies K-12 students who are at-risk for academic, social, and/or emotional behaviors. SAEBRS can also universally screen by class, grade, or school to identify trends that may need class-wide attention.


Universal Screening



mySAEBRS is the companion to the SAEBRS teacher report. It is a brief and contextually relevant self-rating of student risk for emotional and behavioral problems.

mySAEBRS is available in both English and Spanish.

Universal Screening



DevMilestones is a brief rating scale that tracks student development in key areas of functioning during preschool and kindergarten. It is a criterion-referenced, tool designed to evaluate each student’s performance relative to established milestones.

Universal Screening

Grades PreK-K

Direct Behavior Rating (DBR)

DBR is designed to be used as a progress monitoring measure to complement the use of SAEBRS and mySAEBRS screening assessments. With the DBR, educators can easily determine if social, emotional, and behavioral interventions are working.

Progress Monitoring

Grades K-12

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Nurture SEB Functioning to Increase Academic Success

A student’s SEB skills and functioning have a significant impact on achievement. FastBridge is the first and only assessment system to recognize this connection and bring a view of students’ SEB skills together with academic screening.

Every FastBridge subscription includes Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) and Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) for screening and progress monitoring across reading, math, and SEB. Easy-to-read reports consolidate this data into one convenient system and provide research-based recommendations for intervention.

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