Profile in Reading Success: How Saint Paul Public Schools Use Assessments to Guide Instruction

Four decades of research on early reading instruction has resulted in a broad consensus about how children learn to read. Educators in Saint Paul Public Schools (MN) use this knowledge to teach students the skills they need to become strong readers. But before they implement Tier 1 evidence-based instructional practices or interventions for students struggling to read, they first turn to assessment data to make informed instructional decisions.

In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Kyle Wagner, NCSP, a Research Associate with Illuminate Education, provides an overview of the five essential components of reading instruction and shares why screening and progress monitoring is crucial to understand what type of instruction is needed.

Dr. Wagner is joined by Sue Braithwaite, PK-12 Literacy Supervisor with Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS), who shares how the district uses both Curriculum Based Measures (CBM) and Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) to:

  • Determine which students are struggling to read and in what areas interventions and targeted instructions should be applied
  • Improve reading proficiency and test scores
  • Guide professional development
  • Inform curriculum adoption

Ms. Braithwaite also discusses how SPPS has continued screening and progress monitoring during remote learning and the valuable insights that data have provided educators in their efforts to provide equitable, effective reading instruction to students.

About Our Presenters:

Sue Braithwaite, PK-12 Literacy Supervisor, St. Paul Public Schools


Sue Braithwaite is the Supervisor of Literacy for the St. Paul Public Schools. Previously, she was a literacy coach and elementary classroom teacher for over 23 years. Sue has a passion for deepening understanding about how students learn to read and for building students’ passion for reading while using data to inform instruction.

Kyle Wagner, Ph.D., NCSP, Research Associate, Illuminate Education


Dr. Wagner is a research associate at Illuminate Education. He has several years of experience as a school psychologist in Texas and Minnesota. He also has several publications and presentations on topics including psychometrics, curriculum-based measures, and academic intervention. Kyle is currently working with the FastBridge suite of products at Illuminate Education.

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