Move Learning Forward For All Students Next School Year

How to Support the Needs of Your Students Most Impacted by COVID-19

Our most vulnerable students, including English learners (ELs) and students with disabilities—like dyslexia—are likely to have experienced a greater impact from COVID-19 disruptions than their peers. The transition back to full-time in-person learning will be significantly more difficult both socially and academically for these at-risk students.

Help prevent students from falling even further behind their peers when they return to school in the fall, and take steps to help them re-acclimate so they are prepared to achieve catch-up growth and get back on track to meet learning goals.

This playbook is packed with advice from education experts for planning personalized supports as well as nurturing the academic and social-emotional and behavior (SEB) needs of our most vulnerable student groups as they return to the classroom.


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