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New Features for 2020-2021


FastBridge: Do Data Differently

Drive Student Growth in the Classroom with FASTtrack Reading & Math

Too many assessments and too much data can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. That’s why we introduced FASTtrack Reading and the Screening to Intervention Report (S2i) for Reading last summer. And this year, we’re adding the same one-click approach to math assessment with FASTtrack Math and an all-new math S2i report. Together, it’ll be easier to identify and address both reading and math skills.


FASTtrack Math — Available July 13

FASTtrack provides a simple solution for quickly screening students across multiple skill areas, and providing resources for teachers based on student results. FASTtrack ensures you are always using the right combination of assessments with your students based on grade level and time of year.

**FASTtrack is now available for both reading and math.

Updated Teacher View

FASTtrack assessments are visible to Teachers from the Screening page. In order for FASTtrack Math to be available, the appropriate assessments must be enabled for your District.

FASTtrack Math

Updated Student View

FASTtrack Math Student View

FASTtrack Math Assessments by Grade

FASTtrack Math Assessments by Grade

Get Customized, Research-Based Coaching and Support — Available July 13

The Screening to Intervention (S2i) report for math and reading recommends the right instruction per child, including groundbreaking, research-based instruction plans and intervention materials. It’s like having a trusted coach with you every step of the way.

FASTtrack Math S2i

FASTtrack Math includes specific assessments measuring students’ skills in areas of Number, Operations and General Math. Students’ performance and risk level data will be populated in the new Math S2i report.

FASTtrack Math Interventions

Also available this summer are new math intervention content in the categories of Algebra, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Measurement, Rational Numbers and Geometry.

Initiate Districtwide Change with Updated Group Screening Report — Available Fall 2020

This fall, FastBridge will provide school and district leaders new reporting to easily identify achievement gaps across districts by schools and grades — and address them quickly and systemically.

This new view within the Group Screening Report will answer key questions such as “What percentage of students are above/below benchmark by school and grade?” and “How are our students doing this year compared to previous school years?”

Leadership Reports

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the 2020-21 FastBridge product release.

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