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Standards-based assessment creation and administration solution providing instant scoring, formative feedback, interactive reporting, and targeted activities


Deeply Understand Learning & Guide the Right Next Steps

An easy-to-use, standards-based assessment platform providing data to guide instruction for better learning outcomes in classrooms and schools

  • Instantly administer and receive results from standards-based common formative assessments, unit exams, just-in-time checks on learning, and more
  • Use prebuilt and custom reports to monitor standards mastery throughout the year and guide resources and instructional practices that improve learning trajectories
  • Gather instant formative feedback mid-lesson to determine lesson plan success and inform how to pace and plan the next lesson
  • Select from flexible administration options: administer online (remote or onsite) or scan and upload paper/pencil
  • Create assessments tightly aligned to your scope and sequence for authentic, information-rich data on student learning

Unparalleled Standards-Based Reports

Gain instant visibility into standards mastery from many lenses: by district, school, grade, or class; by standard across many assessments; by individual item; and more.


Live Proctoring

You can use this interactive and engaging feature to monitor student progress on assessments in an in-person or remote learning environment.


New Item Bank

Quickly create items, passages, and assessments for online or paper/pencil administrations.


Personalized Review Assignments (PRA)

Automatically assign reteaching and enrichment resources based on individual assessment results.

Red heart

“I’ve started piloting online testing in an increasing number of classrooms and when demoing with teachers how easy it is and the data generated, it has actually made teachers cry happy tears and caused spontaneous hugs!”

Melissa Oliver
Coordinator of Instructional Technology,
Washington Unified School District (CA)