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Interactive district-level to whole-child data management that strengthens MTSS implementations, including student need identification and intervention effectiveness

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Supercharge Data-Driven Decisions for Students, Schools, and Systems

eduCLIMBER is an interactive system that integrates all whole child data into a single platform with built-in tools for intervention tracking, collaboration, effectiveness reporting, early warning, driving system-level improvement, and more.

  • Bolster student achievement and wellbeing by evaluating and monitoring effectiveness of both Tier 1 practices and Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions
  • Quickly shift from data analysis to taking your next steps with built-in workflow tools, like student plan templates, a dedicated intervention module, action items, and more
  • Drive impactful system-level decisions around resources and professional development based on a holistic view of what's happening in the district

Get the Whole Picture from the Classroom to District Office

Eliminate silos, duplicative systems, and logins. Effortlessly integrate and triangulate all current and historic data in one interactive platform for a holistic view of student, class, school, and district needs.

All Whole Child Data, including:

  • Academics
  • Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB)
  • Interventions
  • Attendance
  • Behavior Incidents

  • School Climate and Culture
  • Qualitative Data
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Surveys
  • Student Plans
  • Engagement

Flexible Integration Options:

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Automate data from your student information system and assessments

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Upload additional assessment data

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Import Google Sheets with survey
or summary data

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Direct-enter interventions, incidents, and plans

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Spend Less Time Crunching Data, More Time Supporting Students

Move beyond data collection and seamlessly pull whole child data directly into your daily work supporting students, schools, and systems.

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Discover a New Level of Efficiency

12+ systems

for data analysismultiple assessment platforms + SIS + behavior tracking + Google Docs + spreadsheets + binders

1 system

for data analysiseduCLIMBER combines all whole child data into a single platform—current and historic—and provides built-in data analysis tools

30 mins

per student, per data reviewfinding, compiling data + switching between screens + multiple logins + disjointed documentation

3 mins

per student, per data revieweduCLIMBER provides built-in workflow tools that transform decision making processes


data digs per yeardisjointed analysis + inconsistent data usage for key decisions


data monitoring with automated alertseduCLIMBER monitors data across multiple measures and sends an automated email when students cross a threshold
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Answer Key Questions Across Stakeholders


District & School Administration

Are we meeting growth and equity goals?

Do we need to adjust resources? If so, how?


School Psychologist

Where are our Tier 1, school-wide needs?

Which students are at risk?



What's the right intervention for each group or student?

Should I continue, fade, or adjust an intervention?



How should I group my students for instruction and intervention?

What does each learner need?

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eduCLIMBER Case Studies

Learn how eduCLIMBER is already supporting data-driven educators like you.


Wahoo Public Schools

An award-winning Nebraska district leverages eduCLIMBER to make strategic, data-driven decisions in their MTSS.


Wausau School District

A Wisconsin school district uses data to drive a student-centered, targeted system of supports at all levels of instruction.


Newton County School System

A large Georgia district discovers a data visualization solution that makes supporting every student a reality.


Get Even More from eduCLIMBER

eduCLIMBER is a game-changer for districts, but it's even more powerful when combined with other Illuminate tools.

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