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Illuminate Special Education (ISE)

An end-to-end special education solution that streamlines data capture to increase visibility across teams and stakeholders.


A Comprehensive Part C, Part B & Medicaid Solution

 ISE allows you to meet compliance and accountability requirements at every step. From IEP creation and management to Medicaid filing, ISE will save your district time and money.


Ensure Speed and Compliance

  • Be notified of IEPs coming due, manage Medicaid encounters and document Part C requirements such as Early On Assessments and IFSPs
  • Easily track and report student data, evaluations, encounters, SPP indicators and all state and federal regulatory requirements

Plan and Collaborate on Student Performance

  • Confidently meet compliance requirements under IDEA and ESSA
  • One single and secure web-based system allows multiple users to access IEPs while providing parents and staff with real-time info

Manage All Aspects of Medicaid SBS and C4S

  • Streamline your electronic claim processes with digital management of encounter entry, tracking, billing and more
  • Match all encounters to the contents of the student’s prescribed IEP and prescription info


  • Medicaid filing all housed within one system
  • Easy and automated IEP and IFSP management
  • Compliance-focused process begins with student’s strengths and builds an IEP based on student needs
  • Includes error checks for Special Education (SE) and Early On (EO)
  • Multiple ways to export state reporting data (via importing SE/EO data back into your SIS or merging your SE/EO data with SIS data via the state reporting site)
Red heart

“It's remarkable how much Illuminate Special Education has allowed us to move forward. Our staff is seeing the special education paperwork as documents to be created for student success and they're really focused on developing a high-quality plan for students. ISE provides a timely and thoughtful response to any changing needs that we have in the field.”

Renee Thelen
Director of Accountability & Program Improvement
Ionia County Intermediate School District (MI)