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IO Assessment

Create, deliver, score and analyze a wide variety of assessments.


Assessments That Drive Insights & Outcomes

IO Assessment makes conducting assessments easy with intuitive teacher and student interfaces. Explore the item authoring tool for simple creation of custom test questions and item banks.


Reporting & Analysis

  • Data analysis data at the student, classroom, school and district levels
  • Longitudinal data analysis across a variety of reporting criteria
  • Analysis provided by item and standard to actively monitor progress in your classes

Itembanks & Item Authoring

  • Create, save, and share custom items and assessments across the school and district
  • Author a wide variety of items including technology enhanced and constructed response items
  • Utilize the Inspect Premium, NGSS, NYS History and Regents item banks built by teachers

Additional Features

  • Develop custom requirements to focus on your priorities such as graduation and career and technical pathways
  • Receive powerful and timely reports and dashboards to drive insights and actions
  • Built-in security ensures students can only take assessments from on-site computers