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Inspect® is a formative assessment item bank and suite of over 500 pre-built assessments, providing educators a truly comprehensive assessment solution. This solution offers an industry-leading combination of rigor, innovation, and integrity. The result is ease of assessment delivery that provides specific feedback to teachers, so they can quickly inform instruction to increase student learning.

Inspect® is developed by Key Data Systems, an industry leader in educational psychometric services and standards-based assessment.

Note: Key Data Systems (KDS) has recently merged with Illuminate.


  • Offers over 100,000+ items that provide districts ample items for classroom and district assessments.
  • Provides a yearlong series of ready-to-use interim assessments that can be easily modified to align to your district’s pacing and prepares students for high-stakes testing.
  • Includes performance tasks and technology-enhanced items that familiarize students with the expected rigor and format of high-stakes tests and require deeper thinking than traditional item types may allow.
  • Incorporates English Language Learner Assessments that allow educators ongoing progress monitoring of English learners' English language development in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Includes items developed with detailed distractor rationales and rubrics, reducing resource dependence by arming teachers with specific data for quick, targeted feedback for intervention and re-teaching.
  • Includes assessments aligned to the SBAC IAB blueprints allowing districts to mirror SBAC assessments while getting student-specific feedback at the target, standard, and item-level detail.
  • Delivers accurate measures of student mastery through a continuous item evaluation process that uses proven psychometric analysis to ensure items are performing as expected to maintain valid assessments.

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