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Professional Services

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring for Technology Leaders

Service Overview

A critical factor in the success of implementing any technology and data enabled solution is having a high functioning technology leadership team that has its focus on student achievement/success. These services are not about choosing the best technical solutions but are focused on empowering the Technology Leader and their team to be successful leaders. This promotes the success of the district’s goals of student and educator success.


  • Assistance in helping technology leaders focus on education needs while still using systemic thinking
  • Coaching and mentoring services for technology leaders

What You'll Leave With

  • Identify strategies that promote collaboration, communication
  • Be challenged to improve personally and professionally
  • Receive feedback and suggestions
  • Consultation on initiatives such as setting technology goals, budgeting, mapping processes, decision making, strategic planning
  • Consultation on aligning technology goals and strategies to support school improvement goals

Mike Oswalt has devoted his past 28 years to the education field, often leading the implementation of many technology-based solutions. He spent many of those years serving as the Assistant Superintendent for Regional Technology Services at a County Office of Education in Michigan, Calhoun ISD. In 2015, he started at Illuminate Education with the passion to empower district leaders with intentional and effective implementation strategies. Mike enjoys sharing strategies that apply to any solution with anyone whose passion is student and educator success.

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