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Professional Services

Mapping Processes

Service Overview

‘Technology’ involves more than ‘just’ the technology team. Through a process of inquiry, district processes will be discussed and then mapped out visually to help identify clearly which teams (tech and non-tech) are responsible for which components of a process, and how those processes relate to each other.

Examples of processes to map include but are not limited to: Planning a 1:1 initiative, Help Desk Flow, Online Testing Planning and Delivery, Providing Professional Development Events, Hiring processes, etc.


  • Promotion of cross team collaboration
  • Identifying how each team/individuals work together on major processes

What You'll Leave With

  • Mapped processes in digital format that identify which teams/individuals are responsible for which parts of a process

Mike Oswalt has devoted his past 26 years to the education field, often leading the implementation of many technology-based solutions. He spent many of those years serving as the Assistant Superintendent for Regional Technology Services at a County Office of Education in Michigan, Calhoun ISD. In 2015, he started at Illuminate Education with the passion to empower district leaders with intentional and effective implementation strategies. Mike enjoys sharing strategies that apply to any solution with anyone whose passion is student and educator success.

“For those who feel their role is minor or minimum, this workshop broke down how each team member can contribute immensely and thus can motivate the employee to pursue better performance knowing their work counts.”

-Technology and Operations Team Member, Navigator