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Professional Services

Report Building Service

Service Overview

The Report Building Service is a paid option that allows you to work directly with Illuminate experts to create reports that meet specific needs. Your team collaborates with Illuminate to define exactly how your report(s) will look and function and then Illuminate experts build the report for you.


  • Saves district time & energy
  • Utilize Illuminate technical expertise

What You'll Leave With

  • Visualize Your Data
  • Share Reports with Users
  • Live, Real-Time Reporting
  • Use Advanced Logic & Calculations
  • Slice & Dice Your Report with Automatic Filters

Franck Reyherme is the Director of Business Intelligence Services at Illuminate Education and is a member of Illuminate's Professional Services team. Franck joined Illuminate in 2014 and was a client and teacher for many years before that.

Franck is responsible for the Report Building Service, and works hand-in-hand with school districts in the planning and development of advanced custom reports and data visualizations. With 14+ years of experience in the field of education, Franck supports Illuminate clients in creating impactful data visualizations. Franck has worked with over 200 school districts nation-wide and provides a national perspective on best practices in data visualization in the field of education, in addition to all the necessary technical and programming skills that are required to create custom reports/data visualizations in Illuminate's Data and Assessment platform.

Service Overview