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Unlock the Potential in Secondary Scheduling

Service Overview

Is your master schedule working for you or against you? Is your master schedule responsive to student needs? This an introduction to key conversations will unlock the potential in your master schedule. Start the conversation in the workshop and continue the conversations at your school sites to focus your improvement work and maximize the schedule's impact. The focus of the session is to engage in meaningful conversations, so bring a team and the desire to make things better for all learners.


  • Learn strategies that structure key conversations related to scheduling
  • Focus on systematic assistance for fragile learners
  • Prepare to lead site and district conversations that improve equity and access for all learners

What You'll Leave With

  • Be prepared to lead strategic conversations that drive change at the school site

James Fleming is driven by his passion for scheduling, data-driven program placement, and leadership coaching. James first started his career as a middle school science teacher before moving into secondary site leadership, where he helped maximize usage around the master schedule. When James joined the district leadership team as the Director of Assessment, Accountability, and Research, he was instrumental in changing the mentality of testing for testing’s sake. He is known for the phrase: “If you can’t tell me what you’re going to do with the results, you shouldn’t be giving an assessment.”

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