Professional Services

Comprehensive Student Achievement System Development

Service Overview

Development of standards schedules (instructional pacing) and corresponding interim assessments. Detailed data analysis and accountability coaching based on the interim assessment data for district leaders, site leaders, and teachers.


  • Quick, concise development of standards schedules and assessments
  • High quality assessment development
  • Detailed data analysis to help guide decision making and instruction at each level

What You'll Leave With

  • District-specific standards schedules for each grade level
  • Corresponding district-specific interim assessments
  • Professional development around data analysis and decision-making at the district, site, and teacher levels

Doug Wells serves Illuminate Education districts in the areas of assessment development and detailed data analysis in supporting the development of comprehensive student achievement systems to maximize student learning and outcomes. Before coming to Illuminate Education, Doug was a high school Biology teacher for nine years and then served as a district Director of Assessment and Accountability for eight years. That experience allowed him to develop a comprehensive student achievement system at the District, Site Leader, and Classroom levels.

Illuminate Professional Development around a Comprehensive Student Achievement System has provided HBCSD with a valuable resource to help assess student learning and ensure that teachers have data to inform their instructional planning and delivery of rigorous content for students. INSPECT item bank resources are used to create district benchmark assessments and also to build formative assessments by grade level PLC teams across all grade levels. Our students are demonstrating high levels of achievement on SBA and we attribute strong components of that success to the use of assessments developed using support from Illuminate’s Comprehensive Student Achievement System services and the  INSPECT Item Bank.

- Jennifer Shepard, Assistant Superintendent, Huntington Beach City School District

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