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We're always looking to build meaningful partnerships with other businesses and "do-gooders" who can help us achieve our mission and vision (to build tools that impact student and educator case you missed it). We offer a variety of integration points (including our API) that makes it easy to connect with our systems. Build an integration between Illuminate and your app to reach thousands of educators and schools across the country.

Awesome, how do I get started?

Great question! We offer a variety of integration points, but the best way is through our API. What's that, you say? Basically, an API (or Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules that determine how one application can talk to another. A good example is Yelp using Google's API to display maps within their application. This same idea is what makes it possible for other programs to connect with Illuminate--further enhancing the end user's experience (our ultimate goal). Without an API, connecting programs would be costly and inefficient.


4 Easy Steps to Integrate With Illuminate

New to Illuminate API? With these steps you'll be up and running in a snap.


1. See Who We Work With

We already work with a bunch of districts and 3rd party vendors across the U.S., so we might have what you're looking for. You'll want to check here to make sure you don't spend valuable time sketching out an implementation when it's already available. You could go outside and enjoy the sunshine instead!


2. Tell Us What You Want to Do

Send us a drawing (not really). However, every integration is unique and we'd love to hear what your plan is for connecting with Illuminate. It doesn't have to be fancy, but we'll want to know what the ultimate goal is so that you get the solution you need. (Skip to step 4 if we already have an integration.) Click here for some ideas.


3. Check Out the Documentation

This is where things get nerdy. Our documentation has everything anyone could ever want to know about our API. You'll want to read this to ensure you have a good understanding of how our API works and if this a good way forward for your integration.


4. Get in Contact With Us

Contact our awesome support team to get the ball rolling. You can email them at, or you can give us a call at (949) 242-0343. They can help with practically any question and will have the tools necessary to get you up and running (or put you in contact with the appropriate Iluminator who can).

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