Assessment Literacy 101

Assessment literacy involves a variety of domains, knowledge and skills. Read our latest eBook to build a critical foundation for understanding assessments and data-driven instruction.

Whitepapers & Articles

Building a Blueprint Around Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is a crucial process in promoting student growth. This white paper goes through the myths and facts surrounding formative assessment, as well as the five suggested steps to guide the process. 

Expanding Hope & Resilience: Methods for Disengaged Students

This paper explores research on student engagement as well as tips and techniques for encouraging disengaged students to participate productively in the classroom.

Long-Term English Learners: Ensuring Equitable Outcomes for All Students

LTEL and ELL students belong to the nation's fastest growing student population. This paper details the challenges surrounding this underserved group and provides tips to help bridge the achievement gap.

Student Information Systems: Making the Move from Traditional to Modern

The SIS is evolving. See what a modern SIS should look like, and how district and site leaders could leverage its features to engage your district and promote student success.

Meeting the Needs of All Learners with Differentiated Instruction

To support teachers in delivering a high-quality instructional program that meets the needs of all learners, educators are turning to differentiated instruction. Learn how to apply these principles in the classroom.

Walking the Pathway to School Data Leadership

A key dimension of school leadership involves using student data to drive decision-making. Learn how to set goals for data use and create the infrastructure to improve student outcomes.

3-Strategies-To-Integrate-Technology (TN)

3 Strategies To Integrate Technology for Student Achievement

This white paper walks through 3 simple areas to invest in when integrating technology into schools.

A Multi-Tiered Service & Support Implementation Blueprint

Written by Dr. Howie Knoff, this academic article walks through the processes that have actually demonstrated successful science-to-practice outcomes around MTSS.


Essential Supports for Blended Learning

This white paper outlines the five critical factors in designing a successful blended learning model.

Implementation Science: Using a Systematic Approach to Software Implementation

This white paper makes the case for using a systematic approach to implementing educational software and shows how to do it.

RFP Template for Assessment Platforms

A Free Request for Proposal (RFP) Template for K-12 Assessment and Data Services.

Data & Assessment System Buyer's Guide

Discover the features and functions you should evaluate when looking for a data and assessment system.

Solving Problem of Algorithm Bias in AI-Based Learning

If we can effectively predict things that were beyond our reach before, why shouldn't we harness that power to give our kids the best of everything? See how predictive technology could impact K-12 education.

Equity-Based Leadership

If education is the great equalizer, shouldn't schools should provide more of a direct path for underserved students to overcome the obstacles they face? This paper informs educators on how to bridge the achievement gap by embracing an equity-based leadership agenda.

General Status of Mental Health in Our Schools

Mental health disorders in our K-12 schools affect many of our youth and directly impact classroom learning and social interactions. This paper will examine the nature and scope of mental health challenges plaguing our youth today.

Demographics Are Not Destiny: How YUHSD is Beating the Odds

In this article, with insight from Superintendent Gina Thompson, we’ll explore the six crucial elements that officials at YUHSD focused on to overcome potential barriers and achieve high level of success for all students.


A Complete Guide to Balanced Assessment Systems

This resource will outline the steps to creating an intelligent, efficient, cost-effective system of assessments that can support stakeholder decision-making and enhance student outcomes at all levels.

Getting Started with Social & Emotional Learning

Get a broad overview on the topic of social and emotional learning (SEL) and how essential it is for success in this informative eBook. Learn the goals of SEL and how to integrate concepts in the classroom. 

The Student-Centered, Data-Driven Master Schedule

This eBook explains how to develop an instructional program that ensures all students are in the right class with the right teacher for the right amount of time.

MTSS: Ensuring Equitable Outcomes for All Students

This eBook will explore how any central office can work towards true education equity through an MTSS based on combined student and school performance data. The content is designed to inspire other school districts to use data in new and innovative ways.

Machine Learning: Changing K-12 As We Know It

K-12 education is long overdue for its moonshot that will take student learning to the next level. This eBook explores how we can leverage machine learning to accommodate different learning styles and craft individualized success paths.

Using Early Warning Systems to Ensure Student Success

This eBook will help you to identify struggling students and provide the right support as early as possible in order to keep all students from falling through the cracks.

Assessment Literacy 101

Assessment literacy involves a variety of domains, knowledge and skills. Read this eBook to build a critical foundation for understanding assessments and data-driven instruction.

The Essential Guide to Assessment Design & Item Creation

Assessment results are a big component of data-driven decision making and should inform all of the choices educators make. Learn how to develop reliable and valid assessments that will impact your classroom.

Case Studies

Yuma Union High School District (AZ)

At YUHSD, the majority of students are economically disadvantaged. Learn how Yuma is finding a way to prove that all students can succeed regardless of past performance or post-high school aspirations.

Roseville Joint Union (CA)

Efforts to replace Scantron Test Score Machines helped this district embrace the power of data to affect positive student outcomes.

Santee Education Complex (CA)

A low-achieving school in Los Angeles Unified uses data to enhance test scores, increase graduations, and drive equity and student success.

Denver Public Schools (CO)

One of the country’s top 50 largest school districts was guided by a vision to ensure that "every child succeeds," which meant turning to a data analytics platform that works.

School District 27J (CO)

A district northeast of Denver is using Illuminate DnA to facilitate real-time, data-driven decision-making. The district serves the city of Brighton, as well as segments of the cities of Thornton and Commerce City.

Clarke County Schools (GA)

A medium-sized district outside metro Atlanta uses a centralized data management to increase staff productivity and close the achievement gap.

Monroe County Schools (GA)

To help students perform better on the Georgia Department of Education's mandatory End of Course (EOC) tests, and to deliver a consistent data experience across all school grade levels, the district knew they had to turn to a dependable solution.

Statesboro High School (GA)

See how teachers at Statesboro High School in Georgia increased their students’ geometry proficiency 84 percent using PLC’s, item banks and Illuminate DnA.

Ascension Public Schools (LA)

A large and diverse district with more than 22,000 students located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans owes its continued growth to data-driven decisions.

Boston Public Schools (MA)

See how BPS is using data to shape their culture of continuous improvement with Illuminate DnA.

Oxford Community Schools (MI)

In anticipation of the state's "Read by Grade Three" law, this suburban district in Michigan is using data to support at-risk students and bring them to proficiency.

Pickerington Local School District (OH)

Pickerington Schools, Ohio's fifteenth-largest district outside of Columbus, Ohio is nationally recognized for its committed to technology and impressive performance numbers.

IDEA Public Schools (TX)

See how the country’s fastest-growing network of tuition-free, PreK-12 public charter schools is also equipped to quickly get data into the hands of the people who need it..

Yelm Community Schools (WA)

For this fast-growing rural district in the state of Washington, actionable classroom data is the key to student success.

Illuminate Special Education

See how Illuminate worked with Calhoun ISD in Michigan to overcome challenges and successfully implement Illuminate Special Education in the district.

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