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Welcome to the Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB) Academy

Illuminate's SEB Academy video series was created to help build your knowledge of the role of SEB competencies in student success alongside how assessing student SEB skills can help strengthen social-emotional learning (SEL) programming and student supports.

Each expert presenter in this series will tackle a different element-from understanding dual perspectives and discrepant data in universal screening, to supporting college and career readiness, to understanding which SEB assessment is right for you and your school-and much more to come.

Download the accompanying tip sheet with each video for key takeaways from each Master Class and complete the short quiz to receive a CEU certificate. Let's dive in!


Presenting the On-Demand SEB Academy Series

Different Stories Tell the WHOLE Story

Dual perspectives and Discrepant data in SEB Screening

Learn why multiple perspectives are key to fully understanding students' SEB skills and providing targeted supports.

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So Many SEB Assessments!

Which Will Support Your Students?

There are several types of SEB assessments, each one designed to help you take the necessary next steps for your students. We'll discuss how to find the right one to support
students at each tier of your SEB MTSS framework.

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Beyond Academics

Tips for Supporting College and Career Readiness with SEL

Learn why assisting students in the development of non-cognitive and
SEB skills through social-emotional learning programming and supports
are essential to success after high school.

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Discover Behaviors that Demonstrate SEB Competence

Explore our interactive CASEL wheel to learn the behaviors you can look for that demonstrate students' skill levels
with the CASEL 5 and see how the Social, Academic, Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS)-part of Illuminate's
FastBridge assessment solution-can help you to identify the skills students need support to develop.

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