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Case Studies:

A high school in Bulloch County, Georgia, proves that an innovative teaching approach, combined with the right technology tools, can add up to significant gains in math proficiency.

Located fifty miles from Savannah, Georgia, Statesboro High School (SHS) serves a diverse student body of approximately 1,500 in Bulloch County. Founded in 1901, SHS strives to be a model of excellence in public education, and to ensure that each of its students is uniquely prepared to enter the workforce.

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Calhoun Intermediate School District Meets Students' Needs with Illuminate Special Education

“Educational leaders for special needs students believe in every child’s potential,” said Ann Walton, Planner/Monitor for Special Education for Calhoun Intermediate School District in Michigan. “Complying with federal and state mandates for the least restrictive environment is critical for meeting these students’ individual needs and making sure they are able to develop their abilities fully.”

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Brian Seymour

Director of Instructional Technology, Pickerington Schools

“This is an incredible tool that I would highly recommend individuals and school districts look into. It has saved us an incredible amount of time. We’re not having to color-in hand written graphs anymore…we have the data, we have it analyzed almost instantly for us, and then now on our teacher based teams and our PLCs, we’re now able to take those and have those rich conversations that are about, "'Well what’s next? What can we do as teachers, as instructional leaders, to help make those changes?’...And I tell you, it’s made a world of difference.”

Watch Brian show how Illuminate Education helps Pickerington Schools easily create & administer assessments, and seamlessly use data to drive differentiated instruction. 

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Alice Keeler

Teacher & Technology Coach, Clovis High School

“If I could take everything I wanted a data product to do and make it into a data program, Illuminate is better than I could have even dreamed! It gives me instant data to truly drive and influence my instruction.”

Ann Morris

Secondary Science Specialist at Highline Public Schools, WA

“You are so helpful and I absolutely love the fact that every time I called, a REAL PERSON answers the phone. The efficiency of talking to a real person results in me feeling confident to call and get my question(s) answered within minutes. This morning I already called Jesse and she was great: helpful, informative, and sympathetic.”

Ann Walton

Planner/Monitor, Calhoun ISD and Branch ISD, Michigan

“Over the last year, two of our districts were monitored by the Michigan Department of Education for General Supervisor Monitoring (GSM). In those audits, goals were reviewed. In both cases, all goals reviewed met the measurability per State requirements. The system has made it fool-proof to allow staff to write measurable goals.”

Denise Cote

Curriculum Coordinator, Stillwater Area Public Schools, MN

“I continue to be so impressed with Illuminate and all its capabilities that allow teachers to become more data savvy and results in more targeted services and growth for our students. It’s been really exciting presenting DnA to our staff and slowly and methodically rolling out this initiative. It’s the solution we’ve been looking for a long time. Having been in this industry for as long as I have, I can say that no product compares to this.”

Denise Ruszala

Director of Assessment & Accountability, Westfield Public Schools, MA

“Our district data coach has embraced Illuminate and uses this tool to assist our teachers in creating formative assessments to improve classroom instruction. While we are still in the beginning stages of using Illuminate, we have found the tool extremely successful and our teachers love it!”

John Davenport

Teacher, Portola Valley School District, CA

“As my district and I move forward in the process of “Illuminating” our staff, your support personnel have provided exceptional and invaluable help. Also, the constant improvements in the application are taking a fantastic tool and making it even more powerful. Thanks for everything you do for us — the teachers — and the kids we serve.”

Lowell Bernstein

Assistant Principal, Extera Public School

“I admire your attention to the importance of a great team and impeccable customer service and support. Not only is your team effective and extremely knowledgeable, but there is something about the attitude, whether on the phone, through email, or in person, you just have the right people in the right places.”

Melissa Oliver

Coordinator of Instructional Technology, at Washington Unified School District

“I’ve started piloting online testing in an increasing number of classrooms and when demoing with teachers how easy it is and the data generated, it has actually made teachers cry happy tears and caused spontaneous hugs!”

Mia Costello

Berkley Maynard Academy, An Aspire Public School, 7th/ 8th Grade ELA Teacher, CA

“In the past, I’ve relied on more anecdotal data or data from lower quality assessments. Now I feel the assessments are solid…and I feel confident in my data analysis.”

Michael Pilakowski

Lead Teacher, Gridley Unified School District, CA

“I love the new overview option that includes at-a-glance achievement gap results. It’s very powerful at helping us see where some of the issues exist in our teaching. I can definitely see this as a tool to open discussion with teachers about the equity in their instruction.”

Mike Chaix

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Cucamonga School District

“We are now using common formative assessments, like the checkpoints, and re-teaching to ensure that the students master the key standards. It is the first time we feel we have enough diagnostic data to help students…and [our teachers] are using the PLC process to ensure the instructional practice addresses the data identified needs.”

Olga Suarez

Attendance Clerk, Mountain View Elementary School, CA

“AWESOME!!!!!!!! Profile report answers any possible question regarding a student’s history with us. The Reports Tab has been a literal lifesaver and it is a lot of fun customizing the reports to fit my needs and the needs of the teachers at the school. Illuminate is a great data system and I mean it. I worked with another SIS for over 10 years and Illuminate beats it in every category. Thank You!!!!!”

Rufus Thompson

Technology Coordinator, Mountain View School District

“When I walk into a classroom or visit a school a teacher always approaches me and says something like, ‘Wow!! Illuminate is so user friendly. I love the reports, or I love the gradebook, or I love how easy report cards are now, or that assessment stuff is really cool! I can’t wait to use it more.’ Illuminate really is changing the face of education through technology.”

Toni Willis

Speech and Language Pathologist, Calhoun Intermediate School District

“ISE keeps me organized. It also helps me to write IEPs that are accurate and more compliant. It steps you through the process so I know I’m filling things in correctly. And I’m never late!”

Tressa Renée

Illuminate District Trainer, San Diego Unified School District

“The thing I like most about Illuminate is that it’s a company with heart. I can really tell it’s a company that cares more about the students than about making money which I highly respect. I have worked with companies that don’t have that priority and I can easily differentiate between the two.”

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