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The world has changed. There’s an even greater need to use data to drive instructional and intervention decisions. Illuminate provides a streamlined solution to help educators assess learning, identify needs, align targeted supports, and monitor growth for each and every student.

Screening and Progress Monitoring

Research-based universal screening and progress monitoring tools for academics and social-emotional behavior (SEB) with intervention recommendations


MTSS Collaboration and Management

Interactive district-level to
whole child data management that strengthens MTSS implementations, including student need identification and intervention effectiveness


Assessment Creation and Administration

Highest-quality, standards-based assessments with instant scoring, formative feedback, interactive reporting, and targeted activities

DnA and Inspect

Real-Time Dashboards

Data visualizations that enable administrators to view key data, monitor initiatives via an equity lens, and share information with stakeholders

Achievement Dashboard


Streamlined Solutions for Data-Driven Educators

Learn how Illuminate equips administrators and teachers to accelerate learning with each student.


See How It Works

Supporting 17 million students in 5,200 schools and districts

“If we hadn’t been given the assessment capabilities from Illuminate, we would not have been able to program an entire school to give our students targeted tutoring. No more generic review; now it is targeted review of where the student’s deficient. That is an exciting thing.”

Ari Hoogenboom
Principal of Abraham Lincoln HS, Brooklyn

“Illuminate allows you to get a lot more nuanced with the way you're looking at student data and then taking action on it. We leverage the student group feature a lot in terms of looking at how different groups of students performed on state assessments compared to the previous year. This is helpful for teachers to know where to go next once after Tier 1 instruction is nailed down.”

Brittany Miller
Instructional Support Partner, Denver Public Schools, CO

“With Illuminate, we got a ‘two-fer.’ On the front end, you have the tool you need to make formative assessments to drive instruction for that cycle of instruct, assess, adjust. That alone makes it worth it. In addition, on the back-end, data warehouse side, there is a powerful suite of tools where you can customize the data you need and push it out to the people who need it.”

Mark St Clair
Director of Data and Assessment, Mead School District 354, WA

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