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Why Illuminate?

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Take the guesswork out of accelerating learning in each classroom.

Our valid and reliable assessment tools help teachers deeply understand where students are in their academic learning and social-emotional behavior (SEB) needs.

Instant reports reveal the right next step to take for each student and classroom, whether selecting a targeted intervention or addressing a learning misconception in the moment.

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"We're not only able to get the data, but we also have access to the specific next steps we should take based on this information."

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See the whole picture for every student.

Leave behind siloed data and disparate systems. Effortlessly triangulate current and historic academic, SEB, attendance, behavior incident, intervention, qualitative data, and other whole child data for each learner.

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"They can look at it and see everything about that student, including which interventions the student has received in the past and how effective they were."

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Make data-driven, system-level decisions that change trajectories and improve outcomes.

Get a holistic view into what's happening across the district so you can drive the right decisions around resources and professional development. View longitudinal trends at the grade, school, and district levels and examine patterns in outcomes for different groups of students.

Advancing equity becomes an interwoven part of daily practices with tools to examine any data through an equity lens.

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"Our district needed a systematic way to use data to inform and drive action, and an improved tool to do it…Illuminate allows us to access data consistently and in a timely manner, which can be used to inform the practices we have in place."

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Supercharge your multi-tiered system of support (MTSS).

Our screening and progress monitoring assessments provide essential data for your MTSS. When combined with all other whole child data, you have full visibility into needs at each tier.

Use our built-in MTSS management and collaboration tools to deeply understand whole child needs, strengthen Tier 1, align targeted interventions, monitor progress in half the time, and maximize system-level efficiencies.

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"Illuminate has really changed how we approach MTSS overall throughout the district, and all of the products have had a hand in that."

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Discover a new level of efficiency: spend less time crunching data, more time supporting students.

12+ systems
for data analysis
1 system
for data analysis
30 mins
per student, per data review
3 mins
per student, per data review
2 - 3
data digs per year
data monitoring with automated alerts
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"Teachers are looking at it from the perspective of, 'How can we use this to eliminate ten other things we're doing?'…They think it's magic."

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Never go it alone.

Get support from our team at every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing support to professional learning to solutions training.

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"We have had such a positive experience with Illuminate! The customer support and the responsiveness show that they all really care about our kids and moving our kids forward. I've interacted with a lot of folks at Illuminate who were once teachers and they understand what we're going through."

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