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Why Illuminate?


Know the Whole Child

Move from a fragmented, incomplete picture to a single data repository and a holistic view of the whole child, combining assessment, academic, social-emotional behavior (SEB), intervention, and qualitative data (e.g., observations, notes, comments) for each student—including both current and past years.


Measure Learning with Purpose

Utilize our comprehensive assessment tools to deeply understand each student's learning and needs, to align the right instruction and intervention supports at the right time, and to accelerate learning for all.


See With New Eyes

Discover patterns and insights through data visualizations that are designed to answer key questions at the student, class, school, or district level.


Take the Best Next Step

Our tools are designed to bring clarity to data and confidence to decisions and actions, so every educator knows the right next steps to take.


Never Go It Alone

Get support from our team at every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing support to professional learning to solutions training.

Discover the Illuminate Solution


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