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“AWESOME!!!!!!!! Profile report answers any possible question regarding a student’s history with us. The Reports Tab has been a literal lifesaver and it is a lot of fun customizing the reports to fit my needs and the needs of the teachers at the school. Illuminate is a great data system and I mean it. I worked with another SIS for over 10 years and Illuminate beats it in every category. Thank You!!!!!”

~ Olga Suarez Attendance Clerk, Mountain View Elementary School, CA

“Over the last year, two of our districts were monitored by the Michigan Department of Education for General Supervisor Monitoring (GSM). In those audits, goals were reviewed. In both cases, all goals reviewed met the measurability per State requirements. The system has made it fool-proof to allow staff to write measurable goals.”

~ Ann Walton Planner/Monitor, Calhoun ISD and Branch ISD, Michigan

“ISE keeps me organized. It also helps me to write IEPs that are accurate and more compliant. It steps you through the process so I know I’m filling things in correctly. And I’m never late!”

~ Toni Willis Speech and Language Pathologist, Calhoun Intermediate School District

Why 1,600+ School Districts Use the Illuminate Education Intelligence Platform

1 At the heart of Illuminate are educators just like you.

  • Built for educators, by educators. Over 50% of our staff are former educators -- school administrators, teachers, district technologists, instructional coaches, special education instructors and curriculum directors.
  • We share your passion. Our mission is to create tools to promote educator and student success. We’re in it to win it with you.
  • You drive our innovation. We’re an education company doing technology, not the other way around. We update our products based on your feedback. Together, we can change the world of education.

2 Assessments and data made easy: one place to do your daily work.

  • Focus on student achievement. You don’t have to enter data in multiple places or pull your hair out over inaccessible or unreliable reports.
  • Relieve teachers’ burden. It’s one system to do it all -- assessments, report cards, gradebooks, data analysis and parent communication. You can quickly create standards-based assessments or instantly scan or upload paper tests, score, and analyze the data to enable daily personalized instruction.
  • Get fast, flexible reports. District and site-level educators can analyze trends, instructional leaders can shape curriculum, and teachers can make improvements and provide differentiated instruction.

3 Access all your data, so you can see the whole picture.

  • We help free your data! No matter where the data lives, you can now see it all in one place.
  • Drill down or roll up. Get the view you need (student, school, district) to make real-time, data-informed decisions.
  • See the holistic view of students. From groups to individuals, you can visualize the data based on academics, demographics, attendance, social-emotional, qualitative and more.

4 Move from scores to What’s Next.

  • Make real-time, data-informed decisions. Got data? Now what? Analyze one of our 23 pre-built assessment reports or custom reports based on your sophisticated needs.
  • All you need to do is click to act. Easily access remedial and instructional resources from within Illuminate’s reports.
  • Start the intervention sooner. Use our early warning system that helps to identify at-risk students based on factors you determine.
  • Empower students to take ownership of their learning. Student portal allows students to view assessment results and teacher feedback so they can see opportunities for growth.

5 Committed to your success, now and always.

  • We meet you where you are. Each district is unique, so we work with you to address your needs today and as they grow -- whether it’s replacing legacy systems or connecting all your current and future data sources into one system.
  • Anyone can call us for support. We get it: you’re busy! That’s why we offer free, unlimited one-on-one phone support to anyone in your district, not just a few key people. Administrators and teachers get help when they need it.
  • We help you understand your data. We coach you with best practices on assessment creation and analysis, offer professional development and provide “Illuminate University” learning courses.

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