You give it your all every day.
But the rules of the game keep changing.

Whether it’s addressing new standards, driving differentiated learning for each student, or working with declining budgets and increasing class sizes, districts are under pressure like never before.

Educators must now be able to answer a new set of questions:

How can we deeply understand each student and guide their learning?

How can we pinpoint who is at-risk and disrupt their performance trajectory?

How can we give teachers the instructional tools they need to address the whole child?

How can we ensure equitable access and outcomes for all students?

How can we drive strategic alignment across the district?

Addressing these needs is hard to do with existing tools and resources.

Many districts are facing a daily data grind, where information is trapped and siloed in spreadsheets, or spread throughout multiple systems of record and data walls. Data is incomplete, backward-looking and quickly outdated. And insights are not actionable.

It’s important to shift to a new approach.

One where data is no longer seen as a weapon, but as the key to creating targeted instruction for each student. One where assessments are not just taken for grades, but become the foundation for collaborative learning.

You need the ability to move from a fragmented, incomplete picture. To have a single data repository and a unified view of the whole child.


Illuminate offers a student performance solution that helps you go beyond academic achievement.


By equipping teachers with extensive content and professionally-designed assessments, Illuminate transforms tests into instructional tools that drive learning.


Easily accessible dashboards and reports take the guesswork out of student progress, so that educators always know where each district, site, classroom and student stand.


Data-driven guidance lets everyone collaborate with ease, get the most out of every program, and look ahead to what's next.


Superintendents & District Admin

Whether it’s recruiting and retaining talent or managing bottom lines, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Our job is to support the load you’re carrying so that you can provide proper oversight and keep your operation running smoothly.



  • Use simple dashboards and reports to gauge educator and student progress at the classroom, site, and district levels.
  • Equip your teams with instructional tools to make informed decisions with their students.
  • Keep to district budgets by reducing unnecessary cost and spending.

Curriculum & Assessment Leaders

For curriculum leaders, it’s a delicate balance between finding the right pedagogy and keeping your educators engaged. Our solutions align with college-and-career readiness standards while allowing teachers to become more data savvy and targeted in their instruction.



  • Administer common assessments and roll up data with an open-ended assessment system.
  • Take advantage of in-depth reports and robust item banks.
  • Analyze and visualize data in seconds to reveal trends, inform your PLCs, and close the achievement gap.
“Thank you all for integrating that constant awareness around teacher preferences, availability, and learning curve around products. Your entire team seems to thoroughly realize that what's easy for techies isn't necessarily easy for the average busy teacher.”

Juliana Dacuyan
Digital Coach & Curriculum Support
Pacific Grove Unified School District (CA)

“We started out with separate searches for a data warehouse and assessment platform. But when we found Illuminate as an all-in-one product, we said: ‘Yes, that's what we want to do!’ Our mouths are watering as we give our staff a one-stop shop for data. It's going to really help us track student growth and give our teachers more time for instruction.”

Dina Lefeld
Assessment Technology and Data Coordinator
Bellbrook Sugarcreek Schools (OH)

“Every single minute that we use in the classroom is informed by the data that Illuminate gives us. It’s more meaningful, and it really addresses where kids are instead of where we think they might be.”

Elise Hopkins
English Teacher
Intrinsic Schools (IL)

“Illuminate is a vital step in our instructional process. Our team uses the data within Illuminate to drive instruction in the classroom, better prepare our students for the Milestones assessments, and ensure we don’t let any kids fall through the cracks [...] Illuminate is the tool that allows us to prepare our students to be ready in any situation.”

Mike Roberts
Associate Superintendent
Heard County Schools (GA)


Technology Leaders

The job of a tech leader requires meeting current needs and preparing a roadmap for the future. Make for a productive work day with a platform that delivers—all without compromising integrity, privacy, or security.



  • Access solutions that are easy to implement, easy to use, and “infinitely scalable.”
  • Eliminate problems around data silos.
  • Explore open standards and interoperability with other solutions.


Get back the time you want to focus on what you love doing the most. With our simple yet powerful solutions, you can gain access to insights that help inform your instruction to meet the needs of every student.


  • Build and administer assessments with instant access to results, standards and subgroup analysis.
  • Access pre-built reports that can be filtered by student or subgroup demographic.
  • Identify trends and personalize instruction to better prepare your students.