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Equity & Disproportionality

Tools to monitor for equitable practices, identify areas of inequity and disproportionality, and use data to track progress and evaluate change.


All Means All

Illuminate is committed to helping schools and districts realize their vision of providing equitable outcomes and opportunities for every student. As educators look deeply at their own practices and behaviors, we know that data can help unearth issues that are hard to see—and therefore unlikely to change. Our tools equip educators to see where changes can be made to establish inclusive, supportive, and equitable environments in which every student can learn, succeed, and thrive.

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Leverage Data to Spark the Right Conversations

Illuminate provides tools to identify, quantify, and explore inequity and disproportionality in academics, behavior, and resources through a variety of lenses, including ethnicity, gender, disability, and custom student groupings.

Risk Ratio

Calculate the risk of one group compared to the risk of another group to help identify the degree of disproportionality in incidents reported.

Disproportionality Dashboards

Use interactive dashboards to unpack and explore student achievement, behavior, and intervention patterns by ethnicity, gender, disability and student group to identify and address areas of disproportionality.

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Visualize gender, ethnicity, meal status, and disability patterns in your assessment, attendance, incident, and group data. The dynamic display helps your team dig into data details to explore areas of inequity so that data drives the conversation and highlights areas of focus.

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