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Open and Interoperable

A core value of Illuminate Education is to be open and interoperable. We embrace secure industry recognized standards made available through organizations like 1EdTech and the Ed-Fi Alliance. This allows us to more easily connect with key district technologies, such as Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and various learning solutions. We also utilize other available technologies such as APIs, SSO, and various data exchange services.

How We Connect With Others



We make navigation seamless between Illuminate products and other platforms through Single Sign On available through
identity providers such as Google, Clever, ClassLink and RapidIdentity, or through other EdTech vendors who use industry authentication standards like SAML, LDAP and OAuth2.



Assessment Import
Illuminate utilizes services from major national assessment providers to automate the importing of student assessment data, freeing up district staff from having to manually load the data themselves. These include NWEA, SAT, i-Ready, FAST, certain state assessments, and many others.

SIS Data Import
Student Information Systems are the authoritative source of all student data in a school district. Illuminate prides itself on being able to ingest data from dozens of these essential systems into our solutions. We have thousands of successful data integrations that inform and guide our work on your implementation.

Learning Standards Import
We use Academic Benchmarks for standard interoperability and are exploring CASE standard interoperability in partnership with 1EdTech.

Content Imports
We seek to partner with leading Publishers and State DOEs with the goal of developing a robust library of content within our platforms for our district customers to access as long as they have current license access. This includes our own in-house Illuminate Content Inspect offerings. To support this, we utilize 1EdTech Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) as well as PIE Open Source software framework.



Automated Data Export
Scheduled data extracts are available through the secure transfer file protocol (SFTP) as authorized by the district

Illuminate Product APIs / Exports
DnA assessment results are provided in the publicly available API to which clients and their other EdTech vendors can easily
retrieve the student assessment results from DnA.

FastBridge assessment results can be provided nightly through the secure transfer file protocol (SFTP) as authorized by the
district administration.

Customized scheduled data extracts are available through the secure transfer file protocol (SFTP) as authorized by the district

eSchoolData provides a fully functional API (Application Programming Interface) with its GURU application. The eSD GURU API
provides a standard way for authorized third party applications to securely obtain data from, and, in select cases, write data
back to, the eSD® Student Management System on behalf of a user or vendor. Utilizing modern RESTful approaches, Open ID
Connect, and OAuth 2.0, eSD® partners can access a variety of data based on the access rights defined by each district,
including school, staff, student, course, class roster, grade reporting, and attendance information.

Open Industry Standards



1EdTech is a non-profit consortium defining open standards for educational technology. This allows Illuminate to safely connect with 3rd party education applications and perform tasks such as passing tests and scores to a gradebook and/or portal.

Illuminate utilizes the following 1EdTech protocols:

1EdTech’s Learning Tool Interface (LTI):
We’re proud to use 1EdTech LTI industry standard as a means for seamless integration of
key features between Illuminate and partner providers. An example of this are Learning
Management Systems
that facilitate teaching and learning. A critical component to this process is assessing learning. Illuminate’s solutions (DnA and SchoolCity) are compatible with several LMS so that the student is able to take an Illuminate assessment within the LMS, giving the student a seamless integrated experience.

1EdTech’s Question & Test Interoperability (QTI):
Many of our assessment and item bank partners use QTI as a standard for importing test questions into Illuminate DnA. We fully support multiple item bank and assessment content organizations. Illuminate utilizes QTI technology to seamlessly provide assessment item types that utilize technology enhancements such as graphing, algebraic symbols and protractors.

1EdTech’s OneRoster Export:
Illuminate selectively utilizes OneRoster industry standard for student roster and grade passback to other student information systems who also utilize this standard, where it makes most sense for your implementation. Illuminate utilizes both the OneRoster API as well as the OneRoster CSV files.


Ed-Fi Alliance

lluminate is proud to partner with the Dell Foundation to develop the ability for assessment data originating within DnA to be made available to providers utilizing the EdFi 2.5 and higher standards.

Illuminate is also utilizing EdFi standards to incorporate data from other EdFi certified systems, such as the Michigan Data Hubs.


Project Unicorn

We are signatory to the Project Unicorn project that is an effort to improve data interoperability within K-12 education.