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About Us

Illuminate Education provides integrated K-12 technology systems with the mission to increase student achievement and ensure kids are graduating college-and-career ready. Our innovative tools bridge the gap between assessment, content and data analytics to help capture the potential of instruction and learning. With all the data available within a single platform, teachers can assess learning and deliver personalized instruction while district leaders can gain a holistic view of the district. Illuminate Education supports over 12 million students and 2000 districts across all 50 states.

Our Company

In 2018, five of the leading education technology companies in the country came together with a shared purpose — helping students, teachers, and school leaders achieve exceptional results.


In 2019, we merged with FastBridge Learning, continuing on the path of educator success and improving learning outcomes for children.


We care little about being the biggest technology platform. We care deeply about being a partner that provides the resources you need to succeed.

This means making the things that matter to you, matter to us: a respect for privacy, a commitment to interoperability, and a focus on impacting positive student outcomes.

By giving you the proper tools and support, we hope you will be empowered to help your kids flourish in their learning and life journey.

We know technology doesn’t solve every problem. But when it’s combined with the right approach, we believe schools and districts can maximize their potential for success.

Leadership Team

Our team is comprised of experienced leaders who are passionate about impacting education and serving our customers.


Christine Willig
Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Shawn Mahoney
Chief Product Officer
Chief Learning Officer


Melissa Palmer
SVP, Sales


Jane Snyder
Chief Marketing Officer


Dick Davidson
Chief Financial Officer