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Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB)

SEB screening and progress monitoring assessments combined with behavior analytics, SEB intervention management, and SEB student plans


Support SEB Needs with Illuminate

Illuminate's tools bolster your SEB supports in each of the following areas. Click a tile to learn more.

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Integrate SEB into Your MTSS

Illuminate's MTSS Management Solution connects your SEB data with the rest of the whole child data picture and provides built-in tools for key MTSS processes.


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What is SEB?


Get the Whole Picture: Using Social, Emotional and Behavioral…

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See How SAEBRS Assesses CASEL's Competencies

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"It's one thing to look at grades and see a student is struggling across most content areas. But when you're able to piece together additional pieces of that data story-that they lack readiness skills or have difficulty with sustained attention and initial engagement-that informs the type of intervention needed."

Patti Wilson
District Response to Instruction and Intervention Coordinator
Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, TN