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Data Visualization Tools

Reports and interactive data visualizations that provide clear, actionable answers to your most important questions at the student, classroom, school, and district levels


Gain Clarity into the Best Next Steps

The right data visualizations can be the difference between collecting data and making data-driven decisions that positively impact teaching and learning. Explore how our interactive visualizations can help you to target essential questions, discover key insights, and reveal the right next steps to take at the student, class, school, and district levels.

A Launch Pad
for Action

Put your next steps in motion with visualizations connected to workflow tools, like intervention tracking and action item management

Your Data,
Displayed Your Way

Use pre-built visualizations or create your own to meet your unique needs

Interactivity to Help Reveal Patterns

Filter and drill down into interactive reports to reveal patterns across student groups

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Explore Data Visualization Examples from Illuminate's Tools

Answer key questions at the student, classroom, school, and district level.


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