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From Data to Data-Driven Decisions

Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM)

Receive accurate and actionable progress monitoring data to provide the targeted supports students need, exactly when they need them.

Accelerate the Pace of Learning

Comparing Approaches for Progress Monitoring

Takes about 1 min Can take > 15 min
Multiple formats Online only
Standardized Items vary
Sensitive to small amount of growth More research needed on sensitivity
Focused on specific skills Reflects broad skills
Accurate with 12–14 data points over 6 weeks 28 weeks needed to draw firm conclusions

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Research-Based Innovations Deliver Results in Half the Time

Our Common Core-aligned CBM probes apply cutting-edge research and development on conditional probability. The FAST Projection™ line uses our patent-pending algorithm to deliver actionable data in half the time as other systems. As a result, educators can make modifications to instruction earlier and accelerate student learning faster.

Test with Confidence

All our curriculum based measures are supported by significant educational research from Dr. Theodore J. Christ and his research team at the University of Minnesota to ensure validity and reliability.


Assesses accuracy and automaticity with phonics, spelling, and vocabulary skills.

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring

Grades K-12


An optional extension of CBMreading that assesses the students' ability to recall and retell information from passages of connected text.

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring

Grades 1-8


Assesses the quality and efficiency of a student's reading comprehension.

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring

Grades 2-8

Direct Behavior Rating (DBR)

Assesses early literacy skills through reading assessment subtests that measure accuracy and automaticity.

Available in both English and Spanish

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring

Grades PreK-3

CBMmath Automaticity

Measures a student’s fluency with arithmetic facts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring

Grades 1-12

CBMmath Concepts & Applications

Evaluates students’ skills for solving complex and multi-step math problems. It measures math concepts and applications, and includes items that cover skills from computation fact fluency to multi-step algebra problems.

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring

Grades K-8

CBMmath Process

Measures a student’s applied math skills using a General Outcome Measure and single- and multi-skill sub-tests for each level of the elementary school math assessment.

Universal Screening & Progress Monitoring

Grades 2-6

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