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MTSS collaboration and management platform providing whole child data visualizations and built-in tools for essential MTSS practices


Supercharge Data-Driven Decisions for Students, Schools, and Systems

eduCLIMBER is an interactive system that integrates all whole child data into a single platform with built-in tools for intervention tracking, collaboration, effectiveness reporting, early warning, driving system-level improvement, and more.

  • Automate or input academic, social-emotional behavior (SEB), attendance, behavior incident, intervention, and qualitative data (like notes and observations) in one platform
  • Bolster student achievement and wellbeing by evaluating and monitoring effectiveness of both Tier 1 practices and Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions
  • Quickly shift from data analysis to taking your next steps with built-in workflow tools, like student plan templates, a dedicated intervention module, action items, and more
  • Drive impactful system-level decisions around resources and professional development based on a holistic view of what’s happening in the district

Build Your Strongest Intervention Program Yet

Built-in intervention analytics show who’s on track, which interventions are working, and where fidelity issues are hindering student growth so you can drive decisions around resources, dollars, and time and bolster student success.


Monitor Growth, Effectiveness, and Equity Across Every Data Point

Use interactive visualizations to examine longitudinal patterns across whole child data sources for all students or groups of students to explore what’s working and ensure all students are progressing.


Monitor Student Needs in Real Time with Thresholds

A customizable early warning system (EWS) sends automated email notifications to the right users as soon as a student indicates a need.


Bolster Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB) Supports

Examine SEB assessment data, attendance patterns, positive and problematic behavior incidents, and other qualitative data alongside academics to deeply understand needs and remove barriers to learning.


Drive School Improvement with Real-Time Dashboards

Measure progress on key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor strategic initiatives via an equity lens, and share information with all stakeholders.

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“This system has meant a lot for our school, especially our students. It's very motivating for children to see their progress, like when a kid comes in and asks specifically to do something because they saw a piece of data. Because of eduCLIMBER, our gaps are closing and we're seeing so many positives.”

Phill Klamm
Walworth School District (WI)

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eduCLIMBER Case Studies

Learn how eduCLIMBER is supporting data-driven educators like you.

Wahoo Public Schools

An award-winning Nebraska district combines screening and progress monitoring assessments with an MTSS collaboration and management platform to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Wausau School District

A Wisconsin school district uses data to drive a student-centered, targeted system of supports at all levels of instruction.

Newton County School System

A large Georgia district discovers a data visualization solution that makes supporting every student a reality.


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