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Interactive whole child data collaboration and management system that supports essential MTSS processes.


Empower Data-Informed Decisions

eduCLIMBER is an interactive system that supports the whole child by combining assessment, social-emotional behavior (SEB), and attendance data into a single student profile view. From individual insights to district-level patterns, eduCLIMBER makes equitable support for every student a reality.

  • Streamline your MTSS practices with easy-to-use custom thresholds, interactive data visualizations, and collaboration tools.
  • Improve student achievement by evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of interventions across schools and districts.
  • Save time and effort with a single platform to aggregate, visualize and share data at the student, class, school, and district levels.

Give Your MTSS Practices a Boost

Import social emotional, academic, behavior, and attendance data to get a whole child view for each student and systems as a whole.


Interact with Customizable Data Visualizations

Make whole child data actionable with custom and pre-built visualizations targeted to your biggest questions.


Supercharge Equity and Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB) Supports

Use efficient and effective tools to understand progress toward equity and SEB goals, including virtual behavior data walls to identify patterns in student incidents and drill down for student-specific analyses.

Red heart

“This system has meant a lot for our school, especially our students. It's very motivating for children to see their progress, like when a kid comes in and asks specifically to do something because they saw a piece of data. Because of eduCLIMBER, our gaps are closing and we're seeing so many positives.”

Phill Klamm
Walworth School District (WI)