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FAQ About Our Integrations

We know some things, and we sometimes get asked questions. Here's a list of the most common questions about our integrations. We hope you find these helpful (don't be afraid to contact us if the information you need isn't available).

What types of integrations does Illuminate currently support?

We have a few options, including a few file exports via scipts, but we really prefer you use the API (it makes your connection much more seamless). You can contact our support team if you want to know more about the file exports.

Do you have [blank] data available via the API?

We have a bunch of data available for you via the API. The fields are listed in our documentation. Anything outside of that would be a request for additional API methods or new fields.

What are some of the things I should consider when "sketching" out my API plan?

We'll want to know a few things before you'll be able to connect with us. We'll want to know if you're just planning to export data; if you're building an application that will display some data from our systems; if you'll be accessing the API on behalf of users; what application/company you're with; and if this API connection will potentially work with other districts or schools.

Does your API fully implement OAuth?

You must be a smart cookie. We do not. To access data for a particular user, you'll have to use the "CreatUserApiKeys" method to generate a set of keys for that specific user. It's highly recommended you use an OAuth 1.0 capable code library to assist you in making the API requests.

Is your API secure?

Yes, it is. Our API only works via SSL, so it's imperative that any saved usernames or passwords are stored securely and always transmitted over the web using SSL.

Do you have an integration with [blank]?

The best resource to see who we work with or have worked with (either via the API or through other integration points) is our current integrations page.