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Assessment Tools & Comprehensive Assessment System Resources

When the right assessment tools are used at the right time for the right reasons, data reveal a roadmap for accelerating student growth. Discover resources to help you use assessments to guide instruction and intervention and evaluate and enhance your own assessment system.

Intro to Assessment Tools & Comprehensive Assessment Systems

In a cohesive assessment system, each assessment type has an important role to play. Deepen your understanding of a holistic, comprehensive assessment system to help make the individual assessments easier to understand.

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Comprehensive Assessment Systems 101

Unpack assessment types, differences, purposes, and best practices—and how assessments fit together into a comprehensive system that empowers educators and supports each student.


What is a Comprehensive Assessment System?

Discover the key assessment tools that make up a comprehensive assessment system, which assessments are administered at different points during the year, and how key assessments support your multi-tiered system of support (MTSS).


Accelerate Learning with Assessment

Take a deep dive into how to turn data from various assessment tools into actionable next steps.

Deep Dives into Key Assessment Tools

Learn more about a few key assessment types.

Social-Emotional Behavior (SEB) Assessments


Using Social, Emotional and Behavioral Assessments to Support Student Success

Get a better understanding of the role of SEB assessments within an MTSS and how SEB data can be used to provide more targeted and effective supports.


Beyond Academic Screening: Understanding and Leveraging Social-Emotional and Behavioral Assessments

Take a deep-dive into the purposes of the two most important types of SEB assessments—universal screening and progress monitoring—and how to choose the most reliable measures for both.


Improving SEL with Social-Emotional Assessment

Learn various approaches to measuring SEB skills and criteria for selecting a screener that gives you valid, reliable data to support your SEL program and interventions.

Universal Screening


Universal Screening 101

Explore the purposes and uses of universal screening for academics and SEB and how to use screening data throughout the year to accelerate growth.

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Maximizing Tier 1 Effectiveness and Impact: Planning Fall Intensifications to Accelerate All Students' Growth

Learn how to use screening data to examine Tier 1 practices, drive program effectiveness and equity conversations, and inform fall intensifications that accelerate growth for all students.


Universal Screening Toolkit

Discover specific analysis questions to identify Tier 1 needs and pinpoint students who are at risk—plus, recommended next steps for a variety of scenarios.

Progress Monitoring


Progress Monitoring 101

Learn more about progress monitoring, including information about its origins, purposes, assessments, procedures, and an intro to how to interpret progress data.


Progress Monitoring Toolkit

Discover data analysis questions (with recommended action steps) to increase your team's confidence in determining whether to continue, change, or fade interventions in order to close learning gaps faster.

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Progress Monitoring Across Spaces to Support Learning

Deepen your understanding of how progress monitoring helps monitor for catch-up growth, practice interpreting progress monitoring data, and unpack progress monitoring FAQs.

Evaluating Your Own Assessment System

Oftentimes, confusion around assessments stems from having either gaps or redundancies in your assessment system. But how can you tell? Use these resources to inventory and evaluate your own assessment tools and whether they form a cohesive, comprehensive system.


A Complete Guide to Comprehensive Assessment Systems

Review the components of a comprehensive assessment program and discover six steps to creating a well-rounded, efficient, cost-effective assessment system that meets the needs of all stakeholders.


Building Your Comprehensive Assessment System

Download and use the templates shown in the Complete Guide to Comprehensive Assessment Systems eBook.

Illuminate provides a complete set of standards and skills-based assessment tools to understand each student's academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) learning and needs.

Using Assessment to Drive Equity

Assessment data play a powerful role in identifying patterns and inequities in performance, risk levels, and outcomes for different groups of students. Learn how to leverage your assessment tools to advance equity in your school or district.


Leverage Data to Promote Equity in Schools

Explore how educators' approach to making data-driven decisions has the potential to increase equity in access, opportunities, and outcomes—and enhance equitable supports for years to come.


Analyzing Whole Child Data to Drive Equitable Actions and Outcomes

Discover articles and resources for examining whole child data (including assessment data), through an equity lens, a facilitator's guide to equity-based data conversations, data analysis worksheets, and more.


Accelerating and Assessing: Using a Comprehensive, Balanced Assessment System to Equitably Close Learning Gaps

Unpack research and expert guidance on equitably and effectively using assessment to accelerate learning, maximize instruction, and support the whole child.

Increasing Assessment & Data Literacy

Deepen your team's assessment literacy with exercises centered around your current assessment tools and resources to help bolster your data culture.


Creating Data Teams That Accelerate Learning

Focus your data culture around assessment and data literacy in order to equitably accelerate learning. Discover meeting norms, logistics suggestions, and sample exercises to help you build assessment literacy around your current assessment tools.


The Essential Guide to Assessment Design and Item Creation

Explore your locally developed and common assessments from a whole new perspective. Unpack assessment and item design to better understand what your assessments measure and therefore increase how much information they provide your PLC or data team.


The Whole Child

Unpack how assessment data lay an important foundation for the rest of the whole child data picture.

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Build Your Unique Comprehensive Assessment System with Illuminate Education

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Learn why other data-driven educators choose Illuminate's assessment tools to support teaching and learning.


What Data-Driven Educators Are Saying About Illuminate

Educators share how Illuminate has made a tangible difference in their work.

Case Study

Garden City Public Schools

Create a valid and reliable comprehensive assessment system.

Case Study

Westside Community Schools

Use assessment data and professional learning communities (PLCs) to improve both core instruction and intervention.

Case Study

Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS)

Support student success with SEB assessment data.