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What is Assessment Reliability & Validity?

By Lynn Ehlers | August 7, 2020

What is Reliability? You can think about reliability in terms of consistency of scores. If you test a student today and test a student tomorrow, are the scores going to…

What is Social Emotional Behavior (SEB)?

By Stephen Kilgus, Ph.D. | August 5, 2020

In the past, a traditional school of thought posited that students are successful in school if they’re academically successful, and that if students are demonstrating academic achievement, they’ll be “fine”…

Staying Connected During COVID-19 [Teacher Spotlight]: Madeline Caballero

By Jessica Rowley | August 4, 2020

Madeline Caballero English Teacher, 7th-9th Grade Fajardo, Puerto Rico   “Be grateful for what you can do and for what you have.”   What inspired you to be a teacher?…

How Can Leaders Help Teams Increase Their Assessment Literacy?

By Jeremy O'Neil | July 30, 2020

Why is Assessment Literacy Important? Assessment literacy is the building of knowledge in all things assessment—whether it be building assessments, creating items, looking at data, really reviewing all the different…

How to Create Strong Data Culture in Your Building: Tips from a Former Principal

By Jeff Ion | July 28, 2020

As districts adopt data-driven frameworks like MTSS, many are also focused on developing strong data cultures in which educators are increasingly skilled and facile in using data to inform decisions.…

How Illuminate’s Integration with Google Classroom is Supporting Remote Learning in Santa Rosa City Schools

By Martin Yan | July 27, 2020

Located approximately an hour north of San Francisco, Santa Rosa City Schools (SRCS) currently stands as the largest school district in Sonoma County, California. The district welcomes about 16,000 students…

Tips for Supporting Parents and Guardians in Remote Learning

By JoJean Vicioso | July 24, 2020

The education community is preparing to enter the 2020-2021 school year while facing unprecedented challenges. As rates of infection fluctuate across the nation, districts and schools are tasked with predicting…

How to Curb Cheating on Remote Assessments

By Kate Pechacek | July 22, 2020

As schools have shifted to remote classrooms, one of the age-old issues in education has risen to the surface in a new way: cheating. Some of the mechanisms schools have…

Intro to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Mental Health, and Trauma

By Jaime Harris | July 10, 2020

  Let’s talk about something that we’re probably all hearing about a lot, and maybe we don’t have a lot of information about it. Let’s dig into the topics of…

Staying Connected During COVID-19 [Teacher Spotlight]: Karina Tran

By Jessica Rowley | July 7, 2020

Karina Tran SDC K/1st-Moderate Severe Disabilities Woodcrest Elementary School Fullerton School District   “Don’t compare yourself to others, and just stay true to who you are as a teacher, and…

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