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Free Request for Proposal (RFP) Template for K-12 Assessment and Data Services

December 24th, 2015

K-12 education technology budgets have increased to $10.2B in 2015 according to the Center for Digital Education. But is it being used effectively?

One most critical pieces of educational technology for school is the system used to create, administer, report on and analyze all student assessments. Having this type of system is foundational to being able to deliver on the promise of using data to improve student outcomes.  The system goes by many names. Here’s just a few we’ve heard:

  • Data and Assessment Management System
  • Student Data Warehouse
  • Student Assessment System
  • Assessment Management System
  • Educational Assessment System
  • Assessment, Data and Instructional Management System
  • Formative Assessment and Benchmarking Tool
  • Research Based Online Computer Adaptive Assessments
  • District Wide Test Management Tool
  • Data Management and Analytics Software Platform
  • K-12 Student Achievement Data Platform

Wow.  What do you call it?

No matter. This Request for Proposal (RFP) template will help you think through the various components of a successful assessment and data platform, align on the key questions to ask and find a long-term, like-minded education partner who understands your challenges and will help you solve them.

This template includes:

  1. RFP template to customize and send to potential vendors
  2. Clear instructions for the vendors
  3. A full scope of features and services for the vendors to address in order to demonstrate their capabilities

Whether you are purchasing a new assessment and data solution or you’re looking to switch existing platforms, this template is a great starting point to saving hours of time. Get the RFP template. Enjoy!

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