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Comprehensive Assessment System Toolkit


Take action today to prevent learning loss and accelerate growth (academic and social-emotional behavioral) for all students—even remotely. Our Comprehensive Assessment System Toolkit is your go-to resource for understanding, evaluating, and building a comprehensive assessment system that meets the evolving needs of your students.


Webinar On Demand: Comprehensive Assessment Systems 101

Unpack assessment types, differences, purposes, and best practices—and how they fit together into a comprehensive system that empowers educators and supports each student.


eBook: A Complete Guide to Comprehensive Assessment Systems

Review the components of a comprehensive assessment program and discover six steps to creating a well-rounded, efficient, cost-effective assessment system that meets the needs of all stakeholders.


Interactive Templates: Building Your Comprehensive Assessment System

Download and use the templates shown in the webinar and eBook.



A visual showing what each assessment tells us about student learning—and how key assessments support your multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) implementation.

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About Illuminate Education's Comprehensive Assessment Solution

llluminate supports districts nationwide in creating a comprehensive assessment system that meets their unique needs. We provide:

  • Valid, reliable, evidence-based universal screening (Reading, Math, and Social Emotional-Behavioral), skills diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments, providing both Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) and Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) in one platform
  • Standards-aligned assessment creation and administration, including interim, common, classroom summative, and just-in-time/short cycle assessments
  • Assessment design, development, and validation services to truly complete your unique assessment system

Reach out today to learn more.