Case Study

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School

In the summer of 2018, Chattahoochee Hills Charter School’s leadership determined they needed clearer

insight into students’ needs as they progressed through their learning. They turned to Illuminate Data and Assessment (DnA) and Inspect item bank to help create a refurbished assessment program, tailored carefully to their unique scope and sequence without sacrificing standards alignment.

Read our case study to learn how their new benchmarks contributed to astounding results:

  • Proficiency level in middle school math increased from 52.2% to 61.2%
  • Proficiency in middle school science  increased from 34.4% to 77.3%
  • 54% of African-American students scored between the 66th and 99th percentile in their growth in math
  • 53% of economically-disadvantaged students scored in the same percentile range

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