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Powerful Tools to Accelerate Growth for Each and Every Arizona Student

FastBridge has been approved by the Arizona Department of Education as a K-3 literacy and dyslexia screening tool.


Support Early Literacy This Fall with FastBridge

Over 35 districts in Arizona currently use Illuminate tools for assessment, data visualization and supporting a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). With the Department of Education’s approval, educators can now opt to use FastBridge to jump-start their district’s literacy plan this fall.

Two FastBridge assessments, earlyReading and CBMreading, ensure Arizona educators have the most efficient and effective tools to screen and monitor students for reading problems, including dyslexia. Assessments are available in online and printable formats to support in-person, blended, and distance learning environments.

By using Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) for screening and progress monitoring, teachers receive precise data to evaluate where students are relevant to grade-level expectations in order to get them back on track.



earlyReading is an assessment suite of 12 subtests that screen students’ foundational skills in the core areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency. The subtests are typically administered in grades PreK-1 and may be used for screening and frequent progress monitoring at any grade. Each assessment is designed to be highly efficient and inform instruction.


CBMreading is a one-minute assessment of oral reading fluency that can be used for universal screening and frequent progress monitoring for grades 1-8. Substantial research demonstrates that CBMreading is a robust indicator of reading development and a useful predictor of student performance on state tests.

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FAST Projection™ Line

With the unplanned school closures that occurred this spring, time is more valuable than ever. The FAST Projection™ line gives a prediction of future student performance in just six data points compared with the twelve data points most solutions require. This ensures weeks or months aren’t wasted on reading interventions that aren’t working and allows for the necessary changes and adjustments needed while tracking student growth.




Read the whitepaper to gain a better understanding of dyslexia and learn strategies to more effectively support students through early screening, instruction and targeted intervention.

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Drive District- and School-Level Success with the Full FastBridge Suite

FastBridge’s evidence-based screening and progress monitoring tools can help drive transformative results in half the time. For one low cost, you can get access to a full suite of reading, math, and social-emotional behavior assessments.


Make targeted decisions with one system to guide academic and behavioral improvements and interventions


Ensure valid and reliable results with evidence-based assessments and interventions developed in collaboration with university researchers


Spend less time testing and more time teaching with a system that informs and monitors student learning in half the time as other solutions


Drive student achievement with powerful data from progress monitoring, adaptive testing, and universal screening tools

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Focus on the Whole Child with SAEBRS


The Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS) identifies students grades K-12 who are at risk for academic, social, and/or emotional behaviors. SAEBRS can also universally screen by class, grade or school to identify trends that may need class-wide attention.

Want to learn more? Request a demo of the full FastBridge solution.

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Discover the Illuminate Solution

Contact your sales representative to learn about additional products in the Illuminate Solution that can help you to efficiently and effectively accelerate growth for each and every student.



Empower educators with the highest-quality, standards-based assessments with instant scoring, formative feedback, interactive reporting, and targeted activities.



Interactive district-level to whole-child data management that strengthens multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) implementations, including student need identification and intervention effectiveness.