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Add eduCLIMBER to FastBridge to Turn Insights into Action

A virtual tour for FastBridge clients

Take Your FastBridge Data to the Next Level

FastBridge's screening and progress monitoring data are foundational to making data-driven decisions that support each learner. And with eduCLIMBER, those data are even more actionable.

eduCLIMBER connects FastBridge data to the rest of the whole child data picture and provides built-in tools for key MTSS processes, like intervention tracking, evaluating effectiveness, monitoring for equitable growth and practices, and more. Take a quick virtual tour to learn more.

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FastBridge screening data can help reveal Tier 1 needs.

Use eduCLIMBER to examine and deeply understand those universal needs. The system provides effortless whole child data triangulation and built-in data analysis tools so your team can tightly align Tier 1 intensifications where they're needed.

Discover a single hub to review FastBridge data alongside other whole child data, including other academics, SEB, attendance, behavior incidents, school climate data, and more.

Drill into performance bands, risk levels, and scores to answer questions in real time, group students for monitoring, and identify patterns across data sources.

Maximize preventative action with automated data monitoring through the Thresholds early warning system. Set alerts across academic, SEB, attendance, and incident data. eduCLIMBER sends automated alert emails to the right users when students cross various thresholds. Use the interactive reporting to monitor shifts in Tier 1 needs as they happen.

Easily disaggregate your FastBridge results (and other district data) in many ways to explore trends, identify inequities, and close gaps among different groups of students.

Answer Key Questions Across Stakeholders
District & School Administration

Where can we make high-impact system changes?

Are our results equitable?

School Psychologist

Is core instruction meeting the needs of all students?

Are there any Tier 1 academic or SEB needs? If so, what is the root cause?


Before looking at interventions, where can we improve Tier 1 whole child supports?

Where should I support teachers in implementing classwide interventions?


What are the right classwide intensifications for my students?

Is my class dealing with non-academic barriers to learning?


Data walls automatically triangulate academic, SEB, attendance, behavior incident, and qualitative data. It takes the pressure off your team to compile data and makes it easy to focus on students' needs across academics, SEB, attendance, and other whole child factors.

No more binders, silos, or outdated data. See FastBridge data alongside other academics, SEB, attendance, and incident data. Check out current data or click into any cell to see historical scores.

Qualitative data, including notes, forms, attachments, group tags, and interventions are automatically displayed to show a full picture of what's happening with each student.

Start an academic, SEB, or attendance intervention right from the data wall.

Click to add students to a Tier 2 intervention and track that group of students throughout the system.

Check the intervention progress and effectiveness anytime right from the data wall.

Answer Key Questions Across Stakeholders
District & School Administration

How can we use intervention resources strategically and sustainably?

School Psychologist

What other data do we have to better understand students' needs?

How can we group students for academic, SEB, and attendance interventions?


Are there non-academic needs underpinning academic struggles?

How can we support those to make sure interventions are as effective as possible?


What are the whole child needs for my class?

What other family or relationship supports might be needed?


FastBridge is an important part of a student's data story, but there's also so much more.

See everything about a student in one place, both for the current year and past years.

Drill into any data point to better understand root causes and find trends over time.

No more binders, silos, or outdated data.

See FastBridge data alongside other assessment and survey results to find patterns across measures.

Reference current and past interventions (and their effectiveness) as you use your FastBridge Screening to Intervention (s2i) Report.

See behavior incident data in addition to FastBridge SAEBRS and mySAEBRS data.

Attendance and behavior data import directly from your SIS.

Data insights are analyzed and compiled by the system and linked on the student profile.

Track a student's overall level of engagement, family or guardian engagement, device and internet access, and other key metrics for additional context around FastBridge data.

Answer Key Questions Across Stakeholders
District & School Administration

How can we get a whole child view of this student's strengths and needs?

How can we help educators make data-driven decisions more efficiently?

School Psychologist

What other data do we have for this student?

Is there another reason why this student might be struggling?


What else is happening with this student?

What interventions have we done in the past? Were they effective?


Who are my students?

What does each student know and need? What should I do today to support them?


With FastBridge, you already have high-quality progress monitoring data.

With eduCLIMBER, you gain tools to track intervention fidelity, participation, and engagement data and ready-to-use, interactive reports that analyze and aggregate intervention data in real time. The Intervention Module pulls progress monitoring and intervention data all together for easy analysis.

Add academic, SEB, and attendance interventions directly into the system.

Track intervention fidelity, participation, and engagement with eduCLIMBER's built-in tools.

See intervention details by student, group, school, or district in real-time, at any time.

Open an intervention group to see students' intervention plan history, FastBridge progress monitoring data, intervention fidelity, and more.

Take progress monitoring data one step further and discover aggregated intervention analytics.

Monitor how many students are on track so you can easily keep your finger on the pulse of your intervention program.

Track growth and evaluate resource allocation in real time.

Answer Key Questions Across Stakeholders
District & School Administration

Which interventions are we implementing? How many students are receiving interventions?

Which students are receiving interventions? How are they responding to them?

School Psychologist

How are students who are receiving Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions improving?

What's working and what's not working? Why?


Which students am I meeting with today?

How can I monitor intervention fidelity and participation?


Are the interventions helping my students restore missing skills efficiently?


eduCLIMBER's Meeting Module is a tool designed with data-driven teams in mind.

It's a single interface that automatically pulls together FastBridge progress monitoring data, intervention data, and other key data, giving your whole team one-stop access for streamlined and collaborative decision making.

FastBridge progress monitoring data are automatically pulled into the Meeting Module interface.

Click to check a student's intervention fidelity and participation or other assessment, attendance, and behavior incident data without having to navigate away.

No more separate documents that are buried in online systems or files.

Create and reference each student's intervention plans right in eduCLIMBER.

After completing your analysis, use the buttons to record your decision, initiate any necessary next steps, and document rationale for historical reference. The student's plan automatically updates.

Assign any action items to the right users within the Meeting Module.

All users who are assigned a task receive an automated email notification.

When tasks are completed, the assigner is notified to keep communication and workflows going.

Then, use the student list to advance to the next student for review.

The student list automatically populates with the selected students for the day, so your team can efficiently make decisions for each student without any lost time.

Answer Key Questions Across Stakeholders
District & School Administration

How can I help my team make data-driven decisions effectively?

How can we ensure we're providing interventions to students most in need?

School Psychologist

Which students need to be moved into a more effective intervention?

Which students can be faded from an effective intervention?


Should we continue, change, or fade each intervention?

Is the intervention being implemented with fidelity?


Are the interventions helping my students restore missing skills efficiently?

Are all of my students growing?


Easily determine whether interventions are working, if they're working fast enough, and whether they're working for all students.

Answer questions about intervention and program effectiveness and equity from multiple lenses to adjust resource and dollar allocation.

eduCLIMBER calculates how many students are on track to meet their goals, giving a high-level view of effectiveness.

Click into any bar to see patterns around which interventions are working and which are ineffective or unused.

eduCLIMBER aggregates the rate of improvement (ROI) shown in your FastBridge progress monitoring data and then disaggregates by school, grade, intervention, tier, and more. Easily dig into what's working and where adjustments are needed.

Go one step further and examine whether interventions and instruction are helping students catch up to grade level benchmarks.

Use eduCLIMBER's Effectiveness Report to explore how students are moving between risk levels from one FastBridge screening administration to the next.

Slice and dice results through a variety of lenses to examine whether intervention effectiveness and academic growth are equitable.

Isolate which students aren't being served by interventions to inform system-level changes.

Answer Key Questions Across Stakeholders
District & School Administration

Which effective interventions should we scale up? Which ineffective ones should we discontinue to save dollars and PD?

Are certain groups of students not being served by interventions?

School Psychologist

Are interventions helping all students catch up to grade level standards?

Which Tier 2 or Tier 3 practices could be moved to Tier 1 to support all students?


Are interventions helping all students achieve "catch-up" growth?

Which interventions are most and least effective? Why?


Which of my students are getting back on track?

Are there groups of students who aren't? Why might that be?

Combine FastBridge with eduCLIMBER for:
Intervention Tracking
Intervention Tracking

Monitor interventions across academics, SEB, attendance, and more.

Effectiveness Reporting
Effectiveness Reporting

Easily answer the question "Is what we're doing working?" through a variety of lenses.

Team Collab
Team Collaboration

Efficiently make decisions with workflow tools created for data-driven teams.

Whole Child Data
Whole Child Data

See everything about a student in one place and aggregate by class, school, and district.

Equity Monitoring
Equity Monitoring

Slice and dice data in a variety of ways to ensure all students are being served and make the right adjustments when needed.


Ready to get started?

Help your team get even more from FastBridge's high-quality screening and progress monitoring data. Utilize eduCLIMBER to supercharge your MTSS implementation, drive equitable practices, and streamline efficient, data-driven decision making.